Water Studies & Evaluations

Veolia Water Technologies has technological solutions that are not available to our competitors and the expertise to choose the best solution for your application. Our staff of engineers and scientists includes experts from many different disciplines with experience in research and development, industry and government.

How We Develop the Best Solution to Meet Your Needs

With water being such an integral resource for operations, managing its use efficiently can lead to major gains in operational efficiency and savings. Companies may be faced with challenges that impact their water needs, such as facility expansions, increased water costs, higher wastewater surcharges, or impending discharge regulations. Organizations can address many of these challenges by partnering with Veolia Water Technologies to perform comprehensive facility audits. 

Properly undertaken, the auditing exercise can decrease the water footprint, significantly increase operational efficiency, and reduce overall costs associated with water usage.

Data Evaluations

We begin our analysis by first evaluating available data from your facility, including flow, influent and effluent concentrations, permit limitations, and production information.

Laboratory Testing

Based on the information gathered, we then perform specific treatability tests using samples gathered from the site. We compare different treatment techniques to determine their effectiveness and chemical requirements.

Conceptual Design and Cost / Benefit Analysis

Treatment options effective for achieving the desired water quality are developed into process designs and evaluated for cost. Both capital expenditures and operation/maintenance costs are considered.

Pilot Scale Tests

As needed, we conduct process validation tests on a pilot scale to confirm process parameters under operating conditions. Testing with mobile pilot units enables us to provide process guarantees for full-scale systems.

Design Engineering

Basic and detailed designs are developed and coordinated to ensure that all technical requirements are met.

Project Management

Activities include planning and scheduling, permitting, safety requirements, cost control, procurement, construction management, quality control, system start-up, and operator training.


Long-term or short-term operations contracts can be negotiated.

An Operations Contract effectively extends our Performance Guarantee for the life of the contract, ensuring continual optimization of your water treatment system.