Standard Equipment Products

Veolia Water Technologies offers a comprehensive line of standard products for those applications where a custom design is not required. With references worldwide, Veolia's line of standard products are proven for a wide variety of applications. These products include reverse osmosis (RO), filtration, softening, and much more.

Why Standard Products?

Skidded, pre-engineered RO System
Skidded, pre-engineered RO System

Veolia offers standard, pre-engineered products and skid-mounted systems to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions. Because standard products are replicated repeatedly, they benefit from continuous improvement and innovation. This offering is always expanding to meet the growing needs of markets. These technologies are proven worldwide and available in several sizes with standard options for use in a variety of applications and industries.

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Filtraflo™ Filter

Veolia Water Technologies manufactures a variety of filtration technologies to meet your system requirements. Ranging in sizes from small closed loop water systems, to larger industrial recirculating and process cooling systems, Veolia’s filtration systems can help you restore both efficiency and reliability to your plant. Options available include Sand filters, Disc filters, Multimedia filters, and Cartridge filters.

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Service Deionization

          Service Deionization

Ion Exchange Systems

Reverse Osmosis

Automation & Control Systems

Veolia also offers customers a complete line of standardized control and diagnostics systems for utility and process water treatment systems, to ensure they continue to run reliably and efficiently.

Aftermarket Equipment & Support

Veolia recognizes that equipment components, and spare parts are critical to your water treatment systems. We supply a wide variety of these technologies and equipment from some of the finest manufacturers.

Let us help:

• Select the Proper equipment & instrumentation

• Supply the spare parts you require for your systems

·Use our buying power for Competitive pricing

• Provide Technical support through experienced engineers

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