Mobile Water Services

Veolia Water Technologies provides mobile water and wastewater treatment solutions to cover emergency, temporary or long-term water treatment needs. These solutions are deployed via stand-alone units or in combination to form complete systems with state-of-the-art purification technologies. Mobile solutions use our Actiflo®, Hydrotech Discfilter™, reverse osmosis, ion exchange and multimedia filtration technologies, delivered through trailers, containers and skid-mounted systems.

Potential applications served include physical and chemical separation for suspended solids, turbidity, hardness and metals; membrane separation and demineralization for TDS (total dissolved solids) reduction, specialty ion exchange heavy metals removal and rental clarifier.

 Mobile Water Treatment

Available Applications Include:

Mobile High-rise, Rate Clarification

  • Mobile Clarification With ACTIFLO®
  • Using ACTIFLO® Turbo technology to maximize capacity, minimize footprint and energy consumption
  • For turbidity/TSS reduction, metals removal, color and organic removal and other precipitation/settling applications
  • Effluent turbidities down to 1 NTU
  • Flows up to 1,500 GPM per trailer
  • Influent TSS levels up to 2,500 ppm
  • Mobile clarifers & rental lamella clarifier(s)

Mobile Chemical Softening

  • Using ACTIFLO® Turbo technology to maximize capacity, minimize footprint and energy consumption
  • Hardness, alkalinity and silica reduction through lime and soda ash addition
  • Flows up to 1,100 gpm per trailer

Mobile Filtration

  • Using Hydrotech DiscfilterTMtechnology with polyethylene media as fine as 10 micron
  • Stainless steel media also available
  • Flows up to 6,000 gpm per trailer
  • Influent TSS levels up to 200 ppm

Mobile Reverse Osmosis

  • Capacities up to 900 gpm per trailer
  • High recovery, up to 96% of influent
  • Brackish water and seawater membranes available

Mobile Polishing Demineralization

  • Flows up to 150 gpm per vessel
  • Remotely generated -- no regenerant chemical storage or neutralization required on site
  • Mixed-bed resins can deliver conductivities as low as 0.06 micromho-cm

Mobile Specialty Ion Exchange

  • Specialty ion exchange resins available for metals removal and other specialty applications
  • Service DI trailers, providing ultra pure water without the need for on-site regeneration

By combining technologies, Hydrex™ chemistries and field services, mobile solutions are ideal for a variety of situations, applications and needs:

  • Equipment breakdown
  • Plant commissioning
  • Maintenance outages
  • Rental options for peak or seasonal demand
  • Process water
  • High purity water production
  • Boiler, turbine, circuit feed water
  • Cooling water
  • Mobile clarifier / clarification
  • Planned maintenance and retrofits
  • Process trials
  • Wastewater treatment / water re-use
  • Environmental cleanups
  • Accommodate changes in raw water quality
  • Emergency situations
  • As a mobile clarifier
  • Pilot testing