Mobile Clarification With ACTIFLO®

Veolia Water Technologies - Mobile Water Services (MWS) utilizes Actiflo® TURBO ballasted technology balanced with high performance Hydrex™ chemistries and field services to address emergency, temporary, or supplement water and wastewater treatment needs to our customers. MWS may be a stand-alone mobile equipment rental or a complete and integrated service.  

Actiflo® TURBO applications available through MWS include physical & chemical separation for total suspended solids (TSS), turbidity, hardness, metals, color, and organics removal.

Actiflo® TURBO has continued to provide the highest flow and highest performance in the mobile clarifier marketplace, treating 0.5 – 2 MGD per trailer. MWS has utilized Actiflo to treat a variety of applications from river water treatment, to mining & metals wastewater, secondary clarification of biologically treated wastewater with high MLSS, storm water, and miscellaneous waste ponds, plus many more applications.