Pilot Testing

Veolia Water Technologies has the capability to validate performance and optimize design by pilot testing many of our proprietary processes.

Our mobile pilot treatment units are brought to the site and operated by experienced personnel under a range of conditions to ensure the best technological solution for specific water characteristics.

Pilot testing is available for:

ACTIFLO® / MULTIFLO™ Softening Technology

Our pilot unit for high rate softening technology has the capability of testing both ACTIFLO®and MULTIFLO™ softening processes to determine which best fits your application.

Both technologies offer high rate softening within a small footprint.

  • Operating in ACTIFLO® Softening mode, the pilot unit processes up to 130 GPM combining chemical precipitation with recirculated microsand, which acts as a seed for floc formation.
  • Operating in MULTIFLO™ Softening mode, the pilot unit treats up to 40 GPM and incorporates chemical precipitation with sludge thickening, producing a highly concentrated sludge that can easily be dewatered.

HPD® Evaporation and Crystallization

Pilot-scale equipment for evaporation and crystallization
Pilot-scale equipment for evaporation and crystallization

Veolia's facility focused on HPD® Evaporation and Crystallization technologies is capable of conducting analytical, bench-scale, and pilot-scale testing to support project and process development.

This 50k ft2 Research & Development Center provides a valuable service to clients to ensure the commercial installation performs as according to the design parameters for each, unique system.

OPUS® and OPUS® II Technology

OPUS® technology is ideal for treatment of produced water from oil and gas exploration and production activities, or other industrial waste streams where zero discharge is desired.

OPUS® technology utilizes a reverse osmosis process operated at an elevated pH to produce a high quality effluent suitable for recycle or reuse while generating low waste volume.

Testing units are available for both OPUS® and OPUS® II configurations.

NEOSEP® Immersed Membrane Bioreactor

NEOSEP Pilot Unit

NEOSEP®, our new generation membrane bioreactor, combines enhanced biological treatment using activated sludge with immersed membrane filtration to produce superior effluent quality.

The compact design results in a very small footprint for full-scale systems. The pilot treatment unit processes 2 GPM and establishes pretreatment requirements and performance results.

Other Pilot Studies

In addition to our proprietary technologies, Veolia has the capability to simulate a variety of other processes on site at your facility, including conventional treatment schemes.

Our process engineers will evaluate the needs and develop a testing protocol to collect the data needed for a new facility design or process improvements.