Standard Package Systems

All our standard products are manufactured to strict quality standards, using the best materials. They have short lead times and can be quickly installed on site. Many are modular in design and as such are easily integrated into existing plant.

Our manufacturing units can provide engineered systems to meet specific needs. Standard products may also be configured for higher flow rates, water qualities, etc.

Veolia Water Technologies is continually extending and enriching its offer in order to respond to the changing needs of its clients.


The ACTIFLO® process can be provided in a convenient, cost effective package plant system for all applications of water and wastewater treatment. All configurations of the ACTIFLO® process can be provided in a prefabrication package plant system to include ACTIFLO® CARB, BIOACTIFLO™, ACTIFLO® Softening, ACTIFLO® with Membranes and ACTIFLO® with media filtration.

The pre-engineered Actiflo® Pack (ACP2 series) is a very compact standard package plant. The process is a highly efficient and proven clarification technology based on a strong 20+ year operating experience and over 750 references worldwide (2012). 

In Actiflo® Pack (ACP2 series), water is flocculated with microsand and polymer in a Turbomix draft tube. The microsand enhances the formation of robust flocs and acts as ballast, significantly increasing their settling velocity. The unique characteristics of the resulting microsand ballasted flocs allow for clarifier designs with very short retention times, high rise rates and extremely compact system footprints that are up to 50 times smaller than other clarification processes of similar capacity. A hydrocyclone ensures the microsand continuous cleaning, recovery and reuse in the process.

Features & Benefits

• High treatment efficiency: Turbidity and TSS removal up to > 99%; treats all water and wastewater sources

• Extremely quick start-up time: Reaches treatment efficiency within a few minutes

• Process stability: The microsand buffers the effect of raw water flow or load variations, making the process very user friendly and easy to operate

• Quick optimization: Short hydraulic retention time makes it feasible for the process to adjust quickly to changing raw water quality

• Efficient use of chemicals: Microsand ballasted flocculation and settling helps to avoid common chemical overdosing to achieve good clarification performance

• Efficient in cold water applications: Suitable for use also in Nordic regions

• Compact design: Can be easily integrated and retrofitted into existing structures

• Modular: Units may be combined to achieve treatment of high flow rates


Customized biological solution in a standardized package

By integrating the Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor, biological treatment technology developed and mastered by Veolia subsidiary AnoxKaldnes over 25 years ago, the MBBR Pack meets market needs with a packaged solution. 

Plug-and-Play. The MBBR Pack provides all the advantages of a conventional MBBR system, in a standard prefabricated, easy-to-install package. By combining the modules with each other, you get a packaged solution that can meet your specific plant needs.