Municipal Drinking Water Treament

Veolia Water Technologies is a world leader in drinking water solutions. Our safe water technologies meet the needs of millions of people in many municipalities around the world. Our know-how guarantees public access to a safe supply of quality water with a low environmental impact.

Our technologies are based on over a century of experience and we continually improve them with the help of our customers. Veolia Water Technologies designs and develops treatments guaranteeing the safety of municipal drinking water. By using state-of-the-art technologies, we optimize the water cycle while limiting carbon footprint and reducing the impact on water resources.



Ultimate Clarification

  • High rate clarification
  • Compact and ultra rapid solutions
  • Universal processes

Organics Removal

  • Microsand ballasted clarification with the adsorption capacities of PAC
  • High rate clarifier which utilizes lamella for quick settling

Water Softening

  • Chemical precipitation (lime softening) and ballasted clarification
  • Pellet reactor process reducing calcium hardness

Water Filtration

  • Efficient filtration and ultrafiltration products to perform the separation and removal of suspended particles in water. 
  • Versatility in innovative combination of standard pack products

    Climate Change Readiness

    • Proven technologies to respond to sudden variations in flow and water quality.
    • Veolia Water Technologies helps cities in the implementation of resilience strategies. 

    Compact Footprint 

    • Clarification loading rate greater than 30 gpm/ft
    • Softening clarification to reduce hardness with rise rate of 35 gpm/sf
    • Gravity filter with rapid settling process

    Economical Upgrades & Rehabilitation

    • Fit within existing installations
    •  Compliance with today's environmental and public health regulations
    • Increase capacity while offering savings in investment and operation costs

    ACTIFLO® for Drinking Water Treatment has over 420 drinking installations worldwide treating surface water. This ballasted sedimentation and rapid clarification water treatment process can be found effectively treating low turbidity mountain runoff, reservoirs with algae, waters with high total organic carbon content, softening, groundwater, flashy rivers and streams, brackish water and sea water. This high rate clarifier which utilizes ballast in combination with lamella to enhance settling and provide a compact and robust process that can meet all of your potable municipal drinking water treatment needs.

    ACTIFLO® CARB process combines the benefits of microsand ballasted clarification with the adsorption capacities of Powder Activated Carbon (PAC). With the addition of a PAC contact tank and carbon recirculation, this sand ballasted PAC clarifier enhances organic removal (up to 50% more than coagulation and clarification alone) all while maximizing the use of the PAC adsorption sites before being wasted. This enables reduction in OPEX and is a proven technology for removal of organics contamination, algae and associated toxins, taste and odor, micropollutants, pesticides, and phosphorus for sustainable water treatment.

    ACTIFLO® Softening process combines chemical precipitation (lime softening) and ballasted clarification for efficient ground/surface water softening. This high rate softening process aids in hardness and alkalinity reduction for water quality improvement. This manageable softening process is a proven technology for total hardness reduction (calcium hardness and magnesium hardness), silica removal, metals removal, and decarbonation. 

    Actina™ is a pellet reactor process tailored to municipal drinking water softening. By producing a reusable calcium carbonate pellet as waste instead of difficult to dewater lime sludge or membrane brine, significant waste handling cost savings can be achieved.   Reducing calcium hardness allows  Actina™ to enhance the asset management of their distribution network while preventing negative impacts on the end users. This solution also allows a significant reduction of impacts on downstream on-site or centralized wastewater treatment. Reducing the number of individual, point-of-use softening devices will reduce the chloride loading on wastewater treatment systems.

    The Dusenflo® gravity filter offers a unique, economical, adaptable and highly effective potable water filtration system that will provide consistent high quality, crystal clear potable water free from contaminants. From basic manual controls to the most sophisticated programmable logic controllers, Veolia provides the appropriate controls for your water system.

    The Multiflo® is a universal lamella clarifier highly effective on difficult to clarify waters and is easy to install and operate. With more than 500 installations worldwide, the Multiflo brings savings on investment and operation costs.

    The Pentair X-Flow®  Ultrafiltration Membranes produce potable municipal tap water that meets the highest standards for turbidity and microbiology.

    The rapid flotation technology Spidflow®  for medium, large and extra-large water treatment plants is a simple, reliable and compact solution to treat drinking water, lake or dam water from natural organic matter and algae blooms.


    Facing an increasing demand on Drinking Water versus groundwater, the San Benito County Water District, in a joint effort with Sunnyslope County Water District, turned to local reservoirs as alternative water supply to reduce the impact on the local groundwater basins as well as the hardness and scaling challenges that are common with groundwater.






    A pilot study was conducted to demonstrate the ACTIFLO® Softening process in the removal of total hardness and alkalinity from the Okeechobee plant’s groundwater source. 

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