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Technologies & Services for the Treatment of Water, Liquor and Chemical Recovery Cycles
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Water is vital to the production process at Pulp and Paper facilities.  Veolia Water Technologies understands the issues related to water and wastewater management and has experience in helping manufacturers achieve their goals in:

  • Regulatory Compliance 
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Increased Resource Recovery
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Corporate Sustainability Initiatives

Veolia is a Creative and Trusted Solutions Provider for the Pulp & Paper Industry

Veolia Water Technologies is trusted by leading Pulp and Paper companies since the 1960s, and has successfully completed hundreds of water, wastewater, liquor and chemical recovery projects.

Veolia provides its clients an integrated approach to water and resource management using innovative technologies, equipment, chemistry, and services. Our customer-focused culture combined with comprehensive capabilities make Veolia the preferred partner for all water, wastewater, evaporation, and crystallization projects.

Extensive Pulp & Paper Capabilities

Influent (Raw) Water Treatment
Regardless of the source of the intake water, Veolia technologies ensure there is a consistent supply of water to the facility.   

Utility Water
Pulp and paper manufacturers rely upon their utility operations to provide steam and cooling water to support production.  Veolia’s equipment and chemical technologies effectively produce the type of water your utilities need to ensure reliable steam quality, heat exchange efficiency and environmental compliance.

Veolia is experienced in helping clients reduce their financial exposure and comply with discharge requirements and stringent environmental regulations. 

Water Footprint Reduction
To reduce a facility's water footprint, Veolia offers a wide-variety of water reuse technologies. From debarking wash water to wastewater reuse, Veolia helps companies optimize the use of water in their facility.

Mobile Water Treatment
Veolia Water Technologies provides mobile water and wastewater treatment solutions to cover emergency, temporary or long-term water treatment needs. 

On-Demand Webinar

Advanced Water Reuse, Fiber Recovery, and Wastewater Treatment Strategies for Recycled Pulp & Paper Mills

Water usage, process efficiency, and carbon footprint reduction are key focuses for many recycled pulp and paper facilities. New technologies, processes, and strategies within the water and wastewater loops can help boost a facility’s sustainability while also improving operational efficiency.

This on-demand webinar is geared to discuss the latest technologies and water management strategies designed to reduce water footprint, increase fiber recovery, and treat wastewater prior to discharge.

Liquor Concentration and Chemical Recovery Capabilities using HPD® Evaporation and Crystallization Technologies

Black Liquor Concentration 
The thermal treatment of black liquor through evaporation achieves higher solids content and lower loads to the recovery boiler leading to the optimization of combined heat and power production. When integrated within the chemical recovery cycle, this technology promotes higher operational efficiencies while enabling the reuse of high-quality condensate.

Precipitator Ash Treatment
With the closing of process loops, chloride and potassium accumulate in the recovery cycle and result in scaling and corrosion in the boiler. Using highly-selective crystallization technologies, these non-process elements (NPEs) are removed while sodium is recovered to maximize soda chemical savings.

Case Study - Leading Container Board Manufacturer

Technology: HPD® Black Liquor Evaporation & Chloride Removal System

Location: Virginia (USA)
An existing containerboard manufacturing facility needed to replace the existing three evaporator trains at the facility.  The project scope included construction of a six-effect, HPD® falling film evaporator train that produces 74% product solids at an evaporation rate of 897k lbs/hr (407 t/h). Veolia also installed a CRP (Chloride Removal Process) System to successfully process precipitator slurry to protect downstream utility equipment from scaling.

HPD® Black Liquor Evaporation & Recovery Systems

Highly efficient evaporation system designed to concentrate solids, optimize recovery boiler performance, and create a high quality distillate for water reuse

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ECRP™ Enhanced Chloride Removal Process System

ECRP™ maximizes potassium recovery and repurposes a renewable by-product into high-purity potassium sulfate (SOP), a specialty fertilizer produced to feed high-value crops

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CRP™ Chloride Removal Process System

Precipitator ash treatment process that removes chloride and potassium, recovers sodium, and protects utility equipment

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Biothane® High-Rate Anaerobic Treatment System

Anaerobic granular wastewater treatment process designed to effectively remove COD/BOD, while simultaneously generating green energy as a by-product

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AnoxKaldnes™ MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor)

High-performance aerobic wastewater treatment technology engineered to effectively remove BOD/COD and nitrogen

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AnoxKaldnes™ BAS (Before Activated Sludge)

Specialized MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) process that removes easily biodegradable COD and protects the activated sludge system from peak loads and improved sludge settling

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Specialized biological process to treat wastewater streams that have high concentrations of ammonia

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Actiflo® High-Rate Clarifier

Small-footprint technology in which water is flocculated with microsand and polymer to increase settling velocity for the removal of more than 99% of TSS

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Hydrotech Drumfilters & Discfilters

Filtration technology that uses woven media panels to remove suspended solids greater than 10 microns

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Multiflo® High-Rate Softener

Proprietary softening process that incorporates chemical precipitation with sludge thickening to produce an effluent with low concentrations of scale-formers and a highly concentrated sludge that can be easily dewatered

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Whittier™  Filtration - Ion Exchange Systems

Flexible and automated water treatment systems used to soften, dealkalize, deionize, or demineralize water for utility or process applications

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IDRAFLOT® Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

An innovative and effective technology for pre-treatment or tertiary treatment that effectively separates fibers and suspended solids

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Efficient equipment designed to remove particles, odors, and organics to improve intake water quality for use in utilities and manufacturing

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SIRIONTM Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

Advanced membrane based water filtration systems engineered to create a high-quality permeate for water reuse applications

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Our Pulp & Paper Capabilities, Case Studies, and Technologies

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