Ion Exchange

Creating high purity water for industrial use or wastewater polishing

Ion exchange is a reliable method to remove dissolved salts from influent.

Softening and demineralizing technologies remove impurities from the water which will protect utility equipment from scaling and ensure the water quality used in manufacturing processes is consistent.

About Ion Exchange

Ion exchange is a chemical reaction by which ions are exchanged between the solution and an ion exchange resin. This resin consists of small polymer spheres of 0.3-1.6 mm in diameter. In general, ion exchangers are either cation exchangers that exchange positively charged ions (cations) or anion exchangers that exchange negatively charged ions (anions). This is a reversible process as the resin can be regenerated for reuse.

This purification technology is widely used for producing high purity water in many applications such as produced water softening in the energy industry and deionization or demineralization across many industrial processes.

Demineralized Water and Condensate Polishing

The presence of any dissolved salts can cause deposit build-up, corrosion, and other serious scaling problems for heat transfer equipment which can increase the risk of potentially catastrophic failure across many plant operations.

Available Technologies

  • Activated Carbon
  • Cation Deionizers
  • Anion Deionizers
  • Mixed Bed Deionizers
Veolia Water Technologies provides clients with turnkey pure water programs, including system installation, exchange tank management, off-site regenerations, and delivery services.
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