Mobile Water Services

Mobile Water Services

Water and wastewater treatment solutions to cover emergency, temporary or long-term needs

Keeping Industry Flowing

Mobile water treatment services delivered to your site, whenever you need them. 

Veolia offers reliable, secure, 24/7 services to suit all requirements. Pre-packaged on a trailer, skid or container for maximum mobility and responsiveness.

One trusted provider, three flexible services:

  • Planned Maintain the provision of treated water during scheduled maintenance, upgrade, or commissioning.
  • Multi-Year Standard water treatment solutions for up to seven years.
  • Emergency Short-term, immediate cover to ensure business continuity in the case of an unexpected event.

Our mobile solutions are deployed via stand-alone units or modular units in combination to form complete systems with state-of-the-art purification technologies. Mobile solutions use our Actiflo®, Hydrotech Discfilter™, reverse osmosis, ion exchange and multimedia filtration technologies, delivered through trailers, containers and skid-mounted systems. Mobile water systems offer a cost-effective alternative to fixed plants across many industrial environments.

Choose our ‘plug and play’ solutions for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Equipment breakdown
  • Plant commissioning
  • Maintenance outages
  • Process trial
  • Delayed delivery of new plant equipment
  • Meet peak water demand rates
  • Accommodate changes in raw water quality
  • Environmental cleanup & Remediation

Providing high-quality assets and services, our clients have assurance in the quality of our processes, technical expertise and services. All Veolia Mobile Water Services engineers are trained and certified to local and any necessary quality, health and safety standards. Safety should not be compromised.

Whatever your requirements, Veolia offers mobile water treatment services to suit your business.

USA/Canada Mobile Water Services Key Contact Information:

US-Industrial Contact Info

Michael Reyes (Wastewater applications)

Ph: +1 704-650-0881 - Email

Dale Campion (Process Water applications)

Ph: +1 239 919 4519 Email

US-Municipal Contact Info

Ph: +1 888-578-4378


Canada Contact Info

David Oliphant

Ph: +1 519-501-1046


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Case Study: Client recovers $5 Million in coal after coal pile runoff pond volume reduction

Client: Large American Power Company
LOCATION: United States
Flow: 50-1000 GPM
Processes: Actiflo® Turbo & Hydrex Chemicals


The Client had a need to treat and discharge coal pile runoff water containing high amounts of total suspended solids from its facility. 
The Client had tried in the past several other technologies such as conventional clarification, DAF & compressible sponge-like media filters, developed by Veolia’s competition with no satisfying result. 


The Client contracted Veolia for the rental of an ACTIFLO® TURBO trailer (capable of 1200+ GPM) coupled with HYDREX™ chemicals. Veolia was also awarded an operations contract, offering the Client a hands-off  approach.  Key to the overall success of the project, Hydrex™  chemicals supplied a blend  of two coagulants and a flocculant / polymer needed with the microsand. 

Veolia treated over 50 million gallons of water in clarification mode;  at instantaneous flows of 500 – 1000 GPM. Additionally, the process allowed for the recovery of approximately $5,000,000 USD in coal from the basin / pond once the pond level was brought down. The site also was able to ensure that the effluent met the plant's required discharge quality.


  • Using Actiflo Turbo technology to maximize capacity and minimize footprint and energy consumption
  • For turbidity/TSS reduction, metals removal, color, organic removal, and other precipitation/settling applications
  • Effluent turbidities down to 1 NTU
  • Flows up to 1,400 GPM (5300 LPM) per trailer
  • Influent TSS Levels up to 4,000 ppm


  • Using Discfilter technology with polyester medias as fine as 10 micron
  • Stainless steel media also available
  • Flows up to 6,000 GPM per trailer
  • Influent TSS levels up to 200 ppm

Chemical Softening

  • Using ACTIFLO® Turbo technology to maximize capacity and minimize footprint and energy consumption
  • Hardness, alkalinity and silica reduction through lime and soda ash addition
  • Flows up to 1100 GPM per trailer

Polishing Demineralization

  • Flows to 150 GPM (560 LPM) per vessel
  • Remotely regenerated - no regenerate chemical storage or neutralization required on site
  • Mixed-bed resins can deliver conductivities as low as 0.06 micromho-cm

Reverse Osmosis

  • Capacities up to 400 GPM (1500 LPM) per trailer
  • Brackish water and seawater membranes available
  • Capacities up to 900 gpm (3400 LPM) output
  • High recovery technology, delivering up to 96% of influent flow

Specialty Ion Exchange

  • Specialty ion exchange resins available for metals removal and other specialty applications
  • Service DI (Deionization) trailers, providing ultra-pure water without the need for on-site regeneration

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