HPD® Evaporation & Crystallization

The global leader in large-scale, highly integrated process solutions utilizing evaporation & crystallization

Veolia Water Technologies is the global leader in large-scale, highly integrated process solutions utilizing HPD evaporation and crystallization systems. Our focus is the development of unique process designs and technology for our industrial clients in a broad range of markets.


Experience in all industrial markets

Today, HPD® Evaporation and Crystallization systems are recognized as world-leading innovative process designs with expertise in nearly all industrial applications.

It is uniquely present in all major industrial segments with successful installations in these markets on a worldwide basis, often as "first-of-its-kind" applications and processes.  A unique, state-of-the-art research and testing facility allows the application of this experience to commercialize a number of new processes that help solve issues unique to each industry.

Veolia has over 1,000 installations in more than 30 countries with evaporation and crystallization systems providing critical industrial process that:

  • Produce pure products from natural deposits
  • Recover by-products from waste streams
  • Concentrate dilute streams
  • Volume reduction and water recovery for environmental benefits
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    Need HPD Evaporation & Crystallization Technical Services & Aftermarket Support?

    For over 85 years,  HPD crystallization and evaporation systems have helped clients meet their fiscal, production and environmental safety objectives by providing HPD systems that recover valuable products and by-products, reuse/recycle valuable water resources and reduce effluent volume through unique evaporation and crystallization process design and technology.

    In-House Capabilities

    Veolia’s capabilities to deliver both first-of-its-kind solutions and complex, highly integrated projects require a broad range of expertise:

    • Process engineering team with decades of experience in new process development
    • Cross-discipline engineering teams including mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, structural, and civil/foundations
    • Research & Development and testing
    • Permitting and scope development
    • Turnkey project execution
    • Worldwide network of reputable suppliers and strategic partnerships
    • Aftermarket and Field Service support

    An Integrated Solution

    We integrate all major engineering services and the best available technologies. This approach ensures that clients benefit from the expertise and attention to detail needed to design and build projects of all sizes, with capital cost guarantees, process performance, operating costs, and project schedules.

    • Single point of responsibility
    • Detailed design and engineering
    • Project management
    • Modularized equipment supply expertise
    • Site-based “Operate and Maintain” contract services
    • Performance Guarantees

    A Preferred Partner – Project Development

    Veolia is a reliable partner in the development of each unique project. Combining expert process development and validation with early scope development provides the client with options for achieving both optimum system performance and key business objectives. Resources such as research and testing facilities, in-house multi-disciplined engineering teams, and a single-point project management model allow a comprehensive overview of the project for the client. This flexible approach makes Veolia a preferred partner for FEED or phased engineering contracts for highly complex projects.

    Research & Development Center

    A world-class, 50,000+ square-foot research facility is dedicated to support new process development for Veolia’s HPD® Evaporation and Crystallization Technologies. These capabilities provide clients with the confidence that the commercially installed system will perform as designed for a variety of industries.

    • Complete range of analytical, bench and pilot-scale testing capabilities
    • Detailed sample and product analysis
    • Extensive cataloging of physical and chemical pilot evaluations and critical design data
    • Development of commercial processes based on new, unknown feed stocks to define product specifications

    Technical Services & Field Service

    Aftermarket and Technical support services includes:

    • Spare parts, replacement, maintenance and upgrade of major process equipment, vessels/tanks and ancillary equipment
    • Troubleshooting, system inspections & process evaluation (including non-Veolia equipment)
    • System startup support and performance testing
    • Service agreements for system “healthcare” that includes scheduled service, operation/process support, and operator training

    Evaporation Systems

    HPD® Falling Film evaporators concentrates black liquor up to 80% TS

    The main application for thermal evaporation is separation of a solvent (in most cases, water) from dissolved solids in a solution. This separation often involves concentration of brine and recovery of high-quality water for beneficial reuse. Evaporation is often used when membrane technologies become impractical at higher concentrations of total dissolved solids (TDS).

    The type of evaporator used will largely depend on the chemistry of the solution to avoid scaling of heat transfer surfaces. Furthermore, each solution also accounts for available energy sources, efficiency requirements, and qualitative aims for the water reclaimed in the process.

    Based on the specific application, Veolia offers several equipment technologies for evaporation that include:

    • Falling film evaporator
    • Natural circulation evaporator
    • Rising film evaporator
    • Forced circulation evaporator
    • Enhanced Forced Circulation Evaporator(turbulence enhancers for highly viscous feed)

    Potential evaporator configurations include:

    • Mechanical vapor recompression (MVR)
    • Multiple-effect evaporation (MEE)
    • Multi-stage flash (MSF)
    • Thermal vapor recompression (TVR)

    Crystallization Systems

    Veolia is the industry leader in industrial crystallizers which produce chemicals such as ammonium sulfate

    A variety of HPD® Crystallization systems allow for the production of specialty and premium chemicals as a crystalline product and are also often applied in the treatment of difficult-to-process waste streams.  

    In wastewater applications, specifically in Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) systems, wastewater crystallizers (mixed salt) recover additional water for reuse and generate a crystalline product suitable for landfill disposal.

    Veolia offers a full range of crystallizers to suit the requirements of industry including: 

    Fully Integrated Systems

    Nanofiltration system for aquifer banking - highly integrated HPD® ZLD System

    A fully integrated system provides customers with a total solution to satisfy the requirements of each unique project and company. The expertise and understanding of each element of a total system design allows Veolia to fully optimize the entire process upstream and downstream of the evaporation and crystallization equipment. This total system approach allows guarantees on mechanical, process, and schedules for the entire scope supplied by Veolia.

    Each system is designed to fully integrate into the host and provide mechanical, process, and schedule guarantees of the entire installation by Veolia.

    Auxiliary system components often provided with an HPD® Evaporation and/or Crystallization system includes:

    • Vapor compressors
    • Heat exchangers
    • Condensers
    • Reboilers
    • De-gasifiers
    • Scrubbing systems
    • Solids handling equipment; drying equipment, centrifuges, filtration
    • Pre-treatment and/or post-treatment systems often including integration of Veolia technologies such as RO, clarification, softening, ion exchange, deoiling, biological treatment, filtration, and anaerobic digestion
    • Distillation or stripping systems

    Oil and Gas

    • Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) produced water treatment systems featuring Silica Sorption™ technology
    • OTSG Blowdown and WTB feed water treatment
    • Produced water treatment for shale gas, coal seam gas (CSG), and tight oil
    • Zero Liquid Discharge systems
    • Tailings pond treatment / reuse

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    Pulp and Paper

    • Black liquor evaporation systems
    • High solids concentration
    • Chloride Removal Process (CRP™) for sodium recovery and NPE removal
    • Condensate stripping and segregation
    • Methanol rectification and handling systems

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    Metals and Mining

    • Systems for evaporites mining, coproducts from extraction & refining, by-products, and tailings & bitterns
    • Alumina spent liquor evaporation and oxalate removal systems
    • Nickel, lithium, magnesium and zinc salts crystallization
    • Vanadium, tungsten, molybdenum and copper crystallized products

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    Power Generation

    • Integrated water and wastewater facilities
    • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)
    • FGD Blowdown and IGCC gray water systems using CoLD™ Crystallization
    • Radwaste evaporation / crystallization

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    • Potassium salt crystallization
    • Ammonium sulfate
    • Nitrate compounds crystallization
    • Phosphoric acid
    • MAP-DAP

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    Chemical Processing

    • Evaporation and crystallization systems for chemical production
    • Proven processes for more than 50 chemical compounds
    • Specialty chemical production: herbicides, amino acid, synthetic sweeteners, Ibuprofen, Bisphenol–A Metabisulfite, Thiocyanate

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    • High-purity sodium chloride crystallization
    • Calcium chloride concentration
    • Sodium sulfate crystallization
    • High-purity brine treatment

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    • High-purity brine treatment
    • Sodium and potassium hydroxide concentration systems
    • Sodium chlorate crystallization
    • Membrane Cell brine circuit integration

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    Soda Ash

    • Sodium carbonate and bicarbonate crystallization
    • Sodium carbonate purge minimization and alkali recovery
    • Pretreatment systems for solution mined or natural ores

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    Ethanol/Biofuels/ Agri-products

    • Evaporator systems for wet and dry milling processes
    • High Efficiency Stillage Concentration (HESC™) system achieves high solids (≥50%)
    • Energy saving process integration
    • Vinasse concentration
    • Processes for unique feedstocks

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