Providing customers a comprehensive water treatment solutions with a flexible EP (Engineering & Procurement) model
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Veolia Water Technologies is Specialized in Water and Wastewater Projects

As an experienced and specialized provider of technological solutions for water treatment, we combine proven expertise with unsurpassed innovation to offer technological excellence to industrial and municipal customers.  In cooperation with a network of proven partners, Veolia is able to offer custom-tailored solutions specifically suited to each application. 

Successful Projects Begin with Understanding Client Needs

When designing solutions, the focus is always on the customer’s specific goals, which may include low operating costs, energy and water conservation, an optimized design for an existing footprint, or valuable resource or product recovery.

Our Process - Using Technologies & Experience to Create Effective Treatment Processes

1. Feasibility and Due Diligence

Every project begins with understanding your water and wastewater challenges and goals. During this step of our process we look to collect the necessary information about your water, required effluent specifications, perform lab studies, survey site conditions, perform sampling campaigns, and etc. 

2. Technology Identification and Process Design

After we understand the projects characteristics and framework, we look to identify what technologies would be most effective. This may include a series of bench tests, a full-scale on-site pilot trial, or just a engineering "paper" study to ensure the technology and treatment process will function as intended at full-scale and meet owner objectives.

3. Engineering & Design

Once the best technology and treatment train is identified, our skilled team of engineers will design the full-scale treatment process. During this phase, Veolia will work to value engineer the process to help ensure the project meets budgetary, schedule, and performance objectives.

4. Project Execution

In a consortium partnership,  Veolia's experienced team of  engineers will work to deliver projects of the highest quality that stay on-budget and on-schedule. As a result, you can be confident that the completed installation will achieve your treatment goals.

5. Start-Up, Commissioning & Performance Testing

After the project is finished, our commissioning and start-up teams transform this installation to a high-performance water / wastewater treatment asset. They will start up the site, ensure the technologies are operating as designed, and guarantee that the system performs as intended. 

6. Continued Support and Services

Veolia is dedicated to providing the highest-quality of aftermarket support and services. From providing operator training, periodic system inspections, lab testing, chemical services, and more, it's our goal that your investment meets your long-term treatment objectives.

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