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Water is a precious resource and is becoming increasingly scarce. Veolia Water Technologies is committed to helping professionals best manage this resource by holding webinars.

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We are committed to providing continuing education to individuals within the industries and municipalities we serve. It is our goal to support you in the pursuit of expanding your knowledge in the advancements and best practices related to water and wastewater treatment. 

Below is our schedule of live interactive webinar events with leading water and wastewater experts. We hope you are able to join us at one of these presentations. 


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Enhancing and Expanding Wastewater Treatment at Pulp & Paper Mills

Tuesday - September 21, 2021 at 11 AM EDT

Webinar is Hosted by TAPPI

As Pulp and Paper companies look to expand or modify their facilities, they need to ensure that non-production infrastructure, such as wastewater treatment, will meet their treatment and discharge specifications at all times.

Fortunately, existing Pulp and Paper facilities can cost-effectively retrofit new technologies into current wastewater treatment processes to allow for increased flows, additional loads (BOD / COD), improved TSS (Total Suspended Solids) removal, and nutrient removal.

This webinar will review how High Rate Anaerobic Reactors, MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors), and advanced filtration equipment can be incorporated into existing wastewater treatment facilities to improve overall performance and increase treatment capacity.


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Maintaining Aging Ditches

Wednesday - September 29, 2021 at 2PM EDT

Oxidation ditches can help municipalities achieve their nutrient removal performance objectives, but what happens when the ditches start to age?  In this webinar we will examine various applications and services available to help maintain aging ditches.   

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