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Water is a precious resource and is becoming increasingly scarce. Veolia Water Technologies is committed to helping professionals best manage this resource by holding webinars.

Introducing Veolia Water Tech Talks

Comprehensive Webinar Live Webinars with Global Experts

We are committed to providing continuing education to individuals within the industries and municipalities we serve. It is our goal to support you in the pursuit of expanding your knowledge in the advancements and best practices related to water and wastewater treatment. 

Below is our schedule of live interactive webinar events with leading water and wastewater experts. We hope you are able to join us at one of these presentations. 


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Upcoming Webinars

Design and Startup of Kansas' First Sidestream Deammonification System

Wednesday, September 21 | 2pm EDT

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This webinar will share Tomahawk Creek WWTF’s experience in starting up the first sidestream anammox system in the state of Kansas while reviewing the design features of the ANITA™ Mox sidestream deammonification technology. A thorough technology evaluation by Johnson County Water and the Black & Veatch process team led to the selection of ANITA™ Mox based on its simplicity, robustness, stability and expandability.

Onsite Biological Solutions for Small Treatment Facilities

Wednesday, November 16 | 2 PM EDT

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This webinar will discuss solutions for onsite packaged biological wastewater treatment plants with 100 to 10,000 residents, that integrate easily into the existing landscape with minimal energy and maintenance. Ecosim™ is an efficient combination of a biodisc and MBBR that can be provided readily as a complete treatment system with the addition of ancillary components.