Pilot Testing

Ensuring Technology Performance for Your Project

When investing in water and wastewater treatment projects, it may be necessary to validate processes and technologies prior to executing a full-scale project.

Veolia Water Technologies has the capability to validate performance and optimize design by pilot testing many of our proprietary processes. Our mobile pilot treatment units are brought to the site and operated by experienced personnel under a range of conditions to ensure the best technological solution for specific water characteristics.

We have pilot units available for our key technologies and processes including:

Custom-Built Pilots

Veolia Water Technologies also as the capabilities to develop custom pilots based on customer specifications. In addition to our proprietary technologies, Veolia has the capability to simulate a variety of other processes on-site at your facility, including conventional treatment schemes.

Our process engineers will evaluate the needs and develop a testing protocol to collect the data needed for a new facility design or process improvements.

Lab & Bench Testing Capabilities

In addition to field pilot studies, Veolia Water Technologies has multiple laboratories to provide detailed bench-scale tests and lab studies. Click Here for More Information.

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