Ethics and compliance

As part of Veolia, we place great importance on ethics and have made it an integral part of our approach. Enabling employees and also third parties to report any concerns, Whispli — an online portal — and Whispli Voice — a telephone hotline — ensure accessibility to our internal whistleblowing platform.

As part of Veolia Group, at Veolia Water Technologies we strive to promote and uphold our values. In a diverse and evolving world, we work to ensure day-to-day ethics as a fundamental aspect of our governance. We have implemented a guide and tools to serve as a reference for all employees and third parties, empowering them to uphold these values and fulfill their responsibilities towards our company and our stakeholders.

The core values of Veolia are responsibility, solidarity, respect, innovation and customer focus. 

To ensure these values are known and upheld, Veolia introduced an Ethics Guide in 2004 to provide employees and external third parties with a common reference point. It details the ethical conduct Veolia expects on a daily basis underpinned by its five pillars. It serves as a benchmark for ethical conduct and is overseen by the independent Ethics Committee.

Employees and third parties are encouraged to report concerns through Veolia's ethics alert system, Whispli, which ensures protection for both the whistleblower and the implicated party.

Contacting Veolia’s Ethics Committee

Whistleblowing serves as a means to report instances of unethical and illegal activities, as well as other forms of misconduct relating to our policies and values.

Whispli, established in 2021, is a dedicated ethics alert platform. As part of our continued improvement, Whispli Voice, established in 2023, is a dedicated hotline designed to enhance accessibility to our internal whistleblowing platform.

Whispli and Whispli Voice enable all employees and third parties to report any concerns they may have. All ethics alerts submitted through the hotline or platform must pertain to serious violations of Veolia's ethics and values, be made in good faith, and be supported by factual information and details. Failure to provide this necessary information may hinder the Ethics Committee's ability to conduct investigations. 

If you are aware of an ethics or compliance breach, contact our Ethics Committee directly and confidentially by clicking below.

As part of Veolia, we have worked to establish a strong internal ethics culture based on our shared values. All of our Resourcers are expected to uphold these values by understanding the spirit of our commitment rather than just obeying it. As part of this, we have naturally implemented a single whistleblowing system overseen by an independent Ethics Committee to address ethics and compliance concerns. This system meets French public order legislation and can be used by both internal and external whistleblowers.

Alain Souperbat picture

Alain Souperbat

Chief Compliance Officer, Veolia Water Technologies

Please note: all ethics alerts raised by phone or via the platform must relate to serious violations of our Veolia ethics and values, be made in good faith, and be substantiated with all facts and details:

  • Location of the alleged violation
  • People involved
  • Description of the allegedly unethical behaviors

Without these, the Ethics Committee is not able to carry out its investigations.