Utility Water Treatment Services

Protecting and optimizing utility equipment while reducing facility water usage
Utility Water Treatments

Innovative and comprehensive service programs help ensure utility assets are protected and are performing as expected. 

Veolia is able to support industrial and commercial facilities by providing a wide range of chemical services to help prolong the life of utility equipment that is critical to your operation while preventing unnecessary downtime.

The Importance of Utility Water Treatment Services

Veolia believes in providing a customer-specific approach when developing utility water treatment programs. 

What is Utility Feed Water?

Utility feed water refers to the water used in boilers, cooling towers, and other related equipment. In these applications, it is vitally important that the feed water used is correctly treated to ensure efficiency, maximize equipment performance and system life. Additionally, by properly managing water used in these systems will result in reducing the total cost of ownership and water footprint. 

Our Approach

It is important to be comprehensive when implementing a utility water treatment equipment program. The first step of an effective utility water treatment program begins with understanding not only the water quality within the various utility systems but also how water is used throughout the entire facility. By performing a comprehensive water audit, our specialists will be equipped with a detailed map of the water cycle in your facility and be able to objectively make recommendations that are in line with your operational and business goals. 

These recommendations may include one or a combination of:

  1. Chemical additives
  2. Water treatment equipment
  3. Operational process improvements

Effective treatment of utility feed water for boilers and cooling towers provides a number of key benefits:

  • Ensures consistent feed water quality from variable raw water sources
  • Prevents or minimizes corrosion 
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Minimize the need for treatment chemicals
  • Reduces overall costs
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