Providing comprehensive technologies and services to enhance water resources

Giving life back to surface and ground water.

Veolia Water Technologies helps both public and private customers achieve environmental regulatory commitment and economic goals. 

We provide all technologies and services for remediation applications.  Additionally, we have the expertise to design and implement custom-tailored systems to treat the most challenging contaminated waters including temporary solutions and services.

Veolia offers a wide range of treatment and management services for the following:

Key areas where Veolia can support you in your remediation applications:

  • Abandoned mines: Environmental discharge, achieve TSS and low-level metals, issues related to toxicity for aquatic life.
  • Rehabilitation of the highly contaminated sites
  • Dredging applications: Removal of TSS, metals, and other organic compounds.
  • Dewatering of big groundwater contamination
  • PFAS removal
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