Leachate Treatment

Veolia offers a wide range of technologies and solutions for landfill leachate treatment.

Treating leachates to protect the environment.


Landfill leachate is a complex wastewater effluent with a high variability in its physico-chemical characteristics. Proper treatment of this type of water therefore requires significant attention.

Veolia’s large portfolio of advanced technologies and services makes any best-suited solution possible. We are experienced in designing systems that use both conventional and proprietary technologies to meet our clients’ needs with cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

A wide range of proven solutions for a wide range of needs

Septic sludge treatment

  • Septage receiving station and sludge dewatering (SEPRAPAC®).

Leachate biological treatment

  • Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) conventional process to remove the BOD₅. 
  • Moving Bed Biological Reactor support for nitrifying biomass (AnoxKaldnes™)
  • Membrane Bio-Reactor for high-quality effluent suitable for reuse now a recommended technology for landfill leachate treatment (NEOSEP™)

Clarification process for TSS and metals removal

  • High-Rate Dissolved Air Flotation is an efficient process for clarifying MBBR effluent (SPIDFLOW®).
  • High Rate Clarifier for clarification and softening, with a footprint up to 20 times smaller than conventional systems. (ACTIFLO®)

Polishing treatment


PFAS treatment and Removal

  • Ion Exchange & Activated Carbon  (Hydrex™)
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