Water Treatment Chemicals

Using chemical formulations to improve water and wastewater treatment performance

Using chemical additives, industrial and municipal facilities can improve raw water, utility water, and wastewater treatment performance

Veolia offers a wide range of chemical formulations designed to be utilized for a variety of applications throughout the entire water cycle.

Chemicals used in the water treatment process play a vital role in optimizing the water cycle. Water chemically conditioned by state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly technologies ensures the long-term safety and performance of installations. With a breadth of experience in this area, Veolia Waters Technologies is recognized as a world leader.

Various areas where Veolia Water Technologies provides support to its clients include applications for:

  • Cooling circuit and boiler supply
  • Hot water production
  • Drinking water and process water production
  • Plant effluent / wastewater treatment
  • Legionella prevention

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