Water Reuse Technology

Veolia offers numerous water reuse & reclaim techniques to benefit long-term conservation

Water is too precious to be used only once.

Wastewater is continuously growing in volume due to the increase in domestic and industrial water consumption. The high cost of water transportation, as well as new environmental issues, make water reuse technology and wastewater recycling increasingly important.

By utilizing our advanced water reuse technology, Veolia can help ensure that domestic and industrial wastewater is treated and repurposed in a manner that is as cost-efficient as it is sustainable.

Water Reuse Technology

Our water reuse technology promises the most effective wastewater treatment and water reclaim process. By tapping into our vast network of experts, we can help you implement efficient solutions to complex wastewater system problems.

When facilities reclaim water this way, it can be repurposed for other secondary uses, including:

  • Public and private irrigation 
  • Facility cooling
  • Washdown
  • Boiler feedwater
  • Industrial processes
  • Aquifer storage and recovery

Veolia’s comprehensive knowledge of water reclamation solutions ensures that community resources can be maximized without sacrificing water quality. Our water reuse experts have developed the best practices for reclamation projects, including the design and engineering of new waste treatment facilities and the expansion and management of existing programs.

Our expertise lies in the development and implementation of water reuse solutions such as microfiltration, reverse osmosis, UV disinfection, membrane treatment, and membrane bioreactors. With these technologies, reuse and zero-discharge needs can be met to the fullest extent while complying with municipal health laws as well as federal mandates.


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