Biosolids & Bioenergy

Veolia Water Technologies is committed to providing innovative solutions with proven value-added performance. Our biosolids treatment technologies focus on performance enhancement, renewable energy, beneficial reuse, and minimization.

Biosolids Drying and Energy Recovery

BioCon™ dryer is a dual-belt convective air dryer designed to be one of the safest on the market. Low operating temperatures allow the process to utilize a variety of waste heat sources, such as the easily added BioCon Energy Recovery System (ERS), or BEES BioCon Energy Exchange System.

ERS PFAS Destruction

BioCon™ ERS (Energy Recovery System) can be used for the Destruction of PFAS in Biosolids. PFAS (Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) are a class of anthropogenic chemicals containing fluorinated carbons with a charged functional group (usually carboxylic acid or sulfonic acid) that is extremely resistant to degradation.

Batch Thermal Hydrolysis Process

Bio Thelys™ process is an anaerobic digestion system enhancement. The use of low pressure and low temperature steam applied to dewatered biosolids causes the microbial cells to rupture and therefore increases the soluble fraction of COD that is available for digestion. This increases both the rate at which digestion occurs and the amount of solids that will be reduced; the net result being greater biogas production. 

Continuous Thermal Hydrolysis Process

Exelys™ is a continuous thermal hydrolysis system. Each treatment train uses one reactor with progressive cavity pumps that hold the biosolids at the required pressure and temperature for thermal hydrolysis for the required amount of time in order to meet Class A requirements.

Biowaste Methanization

BIOMET™ is a wet methanization process leveraging on an external agitation system with continual crushing guaranteeing energy and environmental performance by combining hydrolysis and anaerobic digestion.

Waste to Energy Resource

By diverting more organic material to the anaerobic digester, Ecrusor™ is a key tool to increase a plant’s biogas and energy production capacity. Ecrusor™ helps turn waste facilities into resource recovery facilities by converting more waste into energy in a circular economy approach to waste treatment.

Efficient Phosphorus Recovery

Struvia™ prevents uncontrolled struvite precipitation during wastewater treatment. This Veolia process uses a patented mixing system, TurboMix™, to produce and separate struvite crystals within a single reactor. Struvia™ is compact, resourceefficient, and produces a granular end product consisting of magnesium ammonium phosphate (MAP) crystals.