Veolia's Hydrotech Filtration Systems lead the market with proven experience of over 7,000 installations worldwide. 

Disc Filtration

Hydrotech Discfilter is simple, effective and economical filtration in a small foot print. By employing woven cloth filter elements installed on multiple discs, and utilizing an inside-out flow pattern, this versatile filter is appropriate for a variety of applications including tertiary wastewater filtration, water reuse, Phosphorus removal, membrane pre-treatment, and stormwater treatment.

Drum Filtration

Hydrotech Drumfilter provides an effective filtration system for fine solids removal and product recovery in lower flows or higher solids loading conditions. The drumfilter employs woven cloth filter elements installed on the periphery of the drum, and utilizes an inside-out flow pattern.

Primary Filtration

Hydrotech Primary Filtration provides several advantages compared with conventional primary clarification and can also serve as a vital resource recovery tool for the capture of carbon for bio-methane production in anaerobic digestion

Gravity Filtration

The Dusenflo® gravity filter offers a unique, economical, adaptable and highly effective potable water filtration system that will provide consistent high quality, crystal clear potable water.

From basic manual controls to the most sophisticated programmable logic controllers, Veolia provides the appropriate controls for your system.