Packaged Solutions

Combined treatment systems providing screening, grit removal and Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) removal.

Their versatility allows them to be used successfully in small waste water treatment works for Municipal, Industrial and septage receiving applications

John Meunier SEPRAPAC Type SRS Septage Applications

Influent type: From sludge reception centers or from cesspool or septic tanks. Flow characteristic: 2 to 3% solids concentration. Aperture: 6 mm perforations recommended for septage screening, Other sizes in perforated holes or wedge wire are available. The shaftless spiral fine screen maintains a small footprint, low operating costs and performance reliability. The system is ideal for small septage receiving applications.

Operation Type

Continuous or batch

Feed Accepted

Pumped or by gravity

Installation Type

Self-standing tank


220 GPM / 440 GPM


Inlet piping, rock trap

Knife gate, grinder, flowmeter

John Meunier SEPRAPAC Type PCS Pretreatment System

The concept integrates two or three devices for screenings removal, grit separation and fat, oil & grease (FOG) removal. The waste water mixture passes first through a screenings removal, washing and compaction process stage. The flow then crosses the second stage chamber for grit separation. The settled matter is conveyed horizontally to a grit hopper where an inclined extraction screw achieves washing and dewatering of particles along the transit path to the eject point. The optional third process step is performed in an adjacent lateral compartment where air is injected to achieve fat, oil and grease retention and then removal.

The small footprint of this all in one pre-assembled package system makes it quick and easy to install on concrete slab.

Operation Type

Continuous or batch

Feed Accepted

Pumped or by gravity

Retention of FOG



35 to 270 ft2 / 3.3 to 25 m2


Support Type (Screws) Replaceable wear components