ANITA Mox Anammox Deammonification Process

ANITA™ Mox is a robust, single-stage nitrogen and ammonia removal process with low carbon footprint based on the MBBR or IFAS platform utilizing K5 media to cultivate anammox enriched biomass for mainstream and sidestream deammonification applications.

The ANITA™ Mox process combines aerobic nitritation with anaerobic ammonia oxidation ( anammox ) in a single-stage reactor. ANITA™ Mox is designed in either the MBBR Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor or IFAS Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge configuration to meet plant-specific treatment goals. Veolia's patented control strategy achieves ammonia removal higher than 90% and total nitrogen removal in the range of 75 to 85% without external carbon addition. ANITA™ Mox is also much more energy efficient when compared to conventional nitrification denitrification.

Advantages of ANITA™ Mox:

  • Simple Operation
  • Robust system of media and effluent screens retains biomass in the reactor without the need for solids separation
  • Proven robustness. Third party testing has demonstrated ANITA Mox's ability to withstand:
    • Variations in Dewatering Schedules and Dewatering Starts/Stops
    • High TSS and Swings in TSS
    • High Polymer Residual
    • High NO2-N Residual
  • Compared with traditional ammonia removal, ANITA Mox requires 60% less oxygen and no external carbon