NEOSEP Membrane Bioreactor MBR

NEOSEP® is a membrane bioreactor (MBR) system that enhances and simplifies conventional activated sludge processes by eliminating final clarifiers and filters. The membrane barrier ensures stable operation, consistently producing a high quality effluent in a small footprint. NEOSEP MBR systems are designed to accomplish BOD and TSS removal, nitrification, denitrification, and phosphorus removal.

The heart of the NEOSEP MBR system consists of two primary components: the biological treatment train and the membrane separation process. The biological process of the NEOSEP MBR is extremely flexible and can be configured in nearly any activated sludge configuration to meet specific treatment objectives. It can also be configured using Kruger's Phased MBR system capitalizing on years of Phased Isolation Technology to produce a reliable, unique and energy efficient MBR system. To provide effective separation of the clean water and the biological solids, the NEOSEP MBR uses membranes specifically selected to meet the needs of your application and offer the greatest value to the customer. 

The proper integration of these two primary components is critical to the success of any MBR system. Owners of a NEOSEP MBR system benefit from Veolia's proven track record in designing robust, reliable and user friendly wastewater treatment process solutions and our worldwide experience in MBR system operation using membranes from all major manufacturers.

The FibrePlate™ Membrane

We are pleased to include as our primary membrane offering within our NEOSEP MBR systems, the FibrePlate™ ultrafiltration membrane from Fibracast. FibrePlate is an advanced membrane technology designed to leverage all the lessons learned in the industry into the next generation membrane platform for municipal wastewater treatment plants. FibrePlate combines the strengths while eliminating the weaknesses of the existing hollow fibre and flat plate platform technologies into the world’s most robust and cost effective hybrid membrane.

FibrePlate is an ultrafiltration membrane product which is constructed as a sheet of almost 500 “fibres”. This configuration allows for internal flow paths to be set within a very robust sheet configuration. Sixteen sheets are then arranged side by side to form a FibrePlate membrane module. This results in the most efficient use of membrane tank volume and a vertical mixed liquor flow path that is free from header obstructions.

Individual FibrePlate modules are combined into a membrane cassette, where the collection of clean permeate from all modules is combined within the cassette permeate collection header. Due to their unique configuration and high surface area per module, the arrangement of FibrePlate modules within a cassette is optimized to produce a very high packing density. This allows the membrane tanks to be smaller in volume for a given treatment capacity. Modules are configured in blocks which are combined vertically resulting in a cassette with modules stacked three rows high, minimizing footprint and maximizing air scour efficiency.

Specifically, FibrePlate was designed to achieve the following BEST IN THE WORLD benefits:

  1. Smallest footprint (<50% of the next best)
  2. Lowest membrane aeration energy (40% less than next best)
  3. Highest permeate fluxes (30% higher than the next best)
  4. Insitu desludging from plant upset.
  5. Robust, reinforced, self-healing 0.04 micron ultrafiltration membrane manufactured with proven industry materials for 10+ year life expectancy.