Hydrotech Drumfilter for Effective Water Filtration

The drumfilter employs woven cloth media filter installed on the periphery of the drum, and utilizes an inside-out flow pattern. As with the Hydrotech Discfilter, the drum filter technology is appropriate for a variety of applications including tertiary wastewater filtration, wastewater reuse, effluent polishing and phosphorus removal, membrane pre-treatment, stormwater treatment, and influent primary treatment

Water to be treated flows by gravity into the drum filter via the center drum. The media mounted on the partially-submerged drum separates solids from the water. The filtered water flows through the media into the collection tank. Once solids have accumulated, the media is cleaned by the counter-current backwash system. The filters are in continuous operation even during backwash and high solids events.

Drumfilters are available for placement into concrete basins or as stand-alone units with stainless steel or fiberglass tanks included.More than 3500 units are installed worldwide, making the Kruger Hydrotech Drumfilter a proven solution for low flow tertiary treatment and process water filtration.


  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Straightforward Controls
  • Simple Operation and Maintenance
  • Ease of Installation (Package Design)
  • Low Backwash Water and Power Usage
  • Continuous Operation