HydraPol™ Activ Polymer Activation

Polymer Activation

The HydraPol™ Activ technology is an emulsion polymer activation system. Combined with Hydrex™ emulsion polymers it can be used optimize polymer usage for raw water, wastewater, process water and reclaimed water treatment, as well as for sludge dewatering. By significantly increasing the activation level of emulsion polymers, HydraPol Activ can reduce polymer dosage rates significantly to improve system performance and reduce operating costs.


  • Combines 4 patented process design innovations to provide efficient and rapid activation of emulsion polymer
  • Reduces polymer dosage requirements, enabling easier to feed and control emulsion chemistries to cost effectively replace both dry and liquid polymers
  • Eliminates the need for expensive and bulky mixing and aging equipment associated with traditional polymer feed systems
  • Designed specifically for use with Veolia's extensive line of Hydrex™ water & wastewater treatment emulsion polymers


  • Minimal Footprint - The entire HydraPol™ Activ polymer feed system is skid mounted, requiring minimal space to install.
  • Ease of Installation - The HydraPol™ Activ unit requires only a simple electrical connection, a water connection, and a connection to the neat polymer container.
  • Optimized Design - HydraPol™ Activ can eliminate elaborate polymer mixing equipment, transforming neat emulsion polymer into "Super Activated" polymer feedstock in approximately 2 minutes.
  • Lower Chemical consumption - By significantly increasing the activation level of emulsion polymers, HydraPol™ Activ can reduce polymer dosage rates significantly in certain applications.
  • Less Chemical waste - By producing a highly active, more efficient emulsion feed stock at lower dosage, HydraPol™ Activ allows customers to reduce polymer overfeed and chemical waste in their effluent and sludge.