Hydrotech Primary Filtration

Hydrotech's footprint is only a fraction of the space needed for traditional primary clarifiers. Hydrotech filters are a compact, cost-effective, and easy to operate alternative to conventional primary clarification.

In addition, Hydrotech filters offer great flexibility for control of loading (BOD, COD and TP) to downstream biological treatment processes. As a result of the excellent capability to remove organic matter and phosphorus, Hydrotech filters can also be applied in process configurations where subsequent biological treatment isn't required, such as storm water treatment.

Primary Filter vs Primary Clarifier

  • Compact (up to 90% less than conventional)
  • TSS reduction ~50% up to 95% depending on design (with or w/o chemical addition)
  • Lower energy costs due to reduced load on secondary treatment
  • Increased solids capture for energy recovery
  • Flexibility to control organic load to biological treatment
  • Phosphorus removal capability
  • Easy to install, operate, and maintain -> user friendly!
  • Covered for reduced odor
  • Can be used for a variety of applications (primary, wet weather, CSO/SSO, etc.)