BIOMET™ Sludge Co-digestion System

BIOMET™ is a pragmatic modular approach designed specifically for the treatment or co-digest sewage wastewater sludge, agricultural by-products, organic waste and biomass. It extracts the maximum energy from waste in the form of biogas to subsequently electricity and heat, with maximum stability and control of operation.

Co-digestion involves commingling of sewage wastewater sludge with other high strength waste from residential, commercial and/or industrial waste and anaerobically digested to produce stabilized end product and biogas. The first step to any successful co-digestion process is to secure, receive, depackage, and pre-treat substrates that can be commingled with sewage wastewater sludge, this is accomplished by Veolia’s Ecrusor process. The second step is the anaerobic conversion of the various organic waste into methane, the methanization process is undertaken by the BioMet process. The BioMet is a phase separated process ideal for co-digestion, but can also be applied to existing wastewater utilities with excess digester capacity as well as new or standalone facilities to process biodegradable waste to produce bioenergy. Biomet™ guarantees energy and environmental performance by two separate optimized phases of anaerobic digestion:

  • Hydrolysis: degradation of the mixture by hydrolytic bacteria in order to obtain a higher availability of the organic matter and hence better yields.
  • Anaerobic digestion: production of biogas by action of methanogenic bacteria, with external agitation / grinding and heating.


Robust, stable and easy to operate

The BIOMET waste methanization processes (or co-digestion) guarantees a higher utilization rate than any other existing anaerobic installation. The mechanical equipment, external to the structures, allows preventive maintenance without any interruption of process and therefore optimize the energy yields.

Limited operating costs

The unit can be operated 5 days a week during business hours (receipt of input substrates) only. A simple stand-by outside of these hours is sufficient to ensure the production of energy 24/7 throughout the year.  

Increase in biogas production

Biomet™ guarantees a biogas production of 10 to 20% more than conventional digestion / post digestion. It optimizes the mixing and heating of all the reactors contents.

The control of the preparation phase and the dissociation of the various steps of the methanization guarantees a stable biogas production for optimal energy recovery.

This process avoids loss of flaring gas, optimizes the performance of biomethane purification plants and increases the efficiency of cogeneration engines.