BioCon™ ERS for PFAS Destruction

BioCon™ ERS (Energy Recovery System) is essential for the Destruction of PFAS in Biosolids. 

Combustion is emerging as a leading candidate for complete destruction of PFAS. BioCon™ ERS combines the benefits of thermal drying with thermal oxidation to safely and economically reduce waste volume as well as oxidize contaminants including PFAS compounds. 

BioCon™ ERS combusts sludge between 1,400°F and 1,800°F .

Biosolids Treatment for PFAS


PFAS (Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) are a class of anthropogenic chemicals containing fluorinated carbons that are extremely resistant to degradation.

BioCon™ ERS operates at temperatures known to destroy PFAS compounds through drying and incineration.

Current Study

Veolia is partnering with the University of Dayton Research Institute in Ohio to quantify PFAS destruction from biosolids using BioCon™ ERS. Effort to be completed in early 2020.