Auto-Jet® | Self-cleaning Pressure Leaf Filter

Auto-Jet technology from Veolia Water Technologies, is the premium, self-cleaning leaf filter designed for efficient filtration in the most severe applications.

Due to a superior, patented sluicing design, Auto-Jet maintains its fully rated capacity even when heavy, sticky or unusually tenacious cake is encountered. Engineered for filtration efficiency, Auto-Jet features uniform leaf construction for leaf interchangeability, while providing uniform pre-coating, filtration and cake buildup.

The Auto-Jet™ is available in standard sizes ranging from 50-2,000 square feet.

Quick & Easy Maintenance

Access for inspection and maintenance is simplified by the quick-opening Auto-Lok door. By removing a single nut on the filtrate shaft, leaves can be slipped off the cantilevered shaft without entering the filter. Its efficient sluicing system assures thorough cleaning of every square inch of filter surface area each cycle.

Choice of Contruction Materials

The Auto-Jet can be manufactured in various construction materials including steel, stainless, monel, nickel, Hastelloy™, and other metals.Tanks can be constructed to conform to ASME code or other demanding specifications.

Available in Wet or Dry Cake Discharge

Normal configuration is wet cake discharge using sluice jets for cleaning. With the dry cake discharge option, air dries the cake and the leaves rotate against a knife blade cutoff.

Superior Filtration & Self-Cleaning

Integral to the Auto-Jet's superior filtration capability is its patented sluicing system incorporating specially-designed jets. As the filter leaves rotate, knife-like jets of fluid strip away the heaviest cake, and scrub the entire surface area. Using only a fraction of the cleaning volume required by other types of filters, Auto-Jet completely cleans the filter surface area in three minutes or less.