A Mobile Solution for Produced Water Reuse

ShaleFlow™ is a transportable, modular solution that utilizes well proven technologies to treat up to 10,000 barrels per day (300 gpm) of produced water with a simple “drop and go” approach.

ShaleFlow™ tolerates a wide range of influent water quality containing up to 300,000 ppm of total dissolved solids and it can remove up to 98% of particulates such as suspended solids, oil and grease and scale formers. The treated water is suitable for reuse in fracing and completion operations.

Features and Benefits

  • ShaleFlow™ is a compact treatment system that utilizes dissolved air flotation (DAF) and nutshell filtration within a three-module package.

  • High effluent quality allowing for water reuse with less than 5 ppm of free oil and TSS

  • >98% water recovery, zero liquid waste

  • Non-hazardous sludge suitable for landfill disposal

  • Equipment designed to operate in high corrosive environment

  • Minimal operator interaction

  • Automated with remote monitoring and control capabilities.

  • Includes a chemical system to flocculate suspended solids and organics


First, dissolved air is used to achieve highly efficient separation and removal of oil and solids from the water. Oxidant-based chemistry is added in the DAF for removal of hydrogen sulfide, iron, and manganese while disinfecting the feed water. After coagulation and flocculation of the oil and solid particles, microbubbles in the water cause the flocs to float to the surface for removal.

Next, the nutshell filter removes suspended solids and oil from water. Walnut shell media resists fouling better than other media, is easily cleaned, and is not affected by heavy oil surg­es. The filter uses a fluidized cleaning process that effectively strips contaminants and oil from the media with very little back­wash water and no surfactants or gas/air scour.

Finally, clean water is pumped out of ShaleFlow™ to designated storage location as the settled solids and floated sludge are dewatered using an automatic filter press which produces non-hazardous solids that can be hauled to a landfill for disposal.


ShaleFlow™ is a cost-effective modular system for the treatment and reuse of flowback and produced water for hydraulic fracturing operations. This compact, transportable system incorporates proven technologies with the flexibility to be moved as the field is developed.