Leading beverage manufacturer overcomes pH compliance issues

A retrofit of existing wastewater system with Veolia’s advanced digital services tool, AQUAVISTA™

The Challenge

In 2015 Veolia Water Technologies installed a new pH neutralization system to treat wastewater from a beverage manufacturing facility. The system was able to successfully treat the wastewater; however, variability in the flow and characteristics made it very operationally intensive to be able to maintain a consistent effluent. The client needed a solution that would be more flexible and easier to operate and safeguard against non-compliance.


The Solution

After an extensive field evaluation, it was proposed to the client to retrofit the existing wastewater system with Veolia’s advanced digital services tool, AQUAVISTA™. The upgraded “smart” water treatment system is engineered with an advanced control system that is able to adapt to the variabilities of the wastewater flows, temperature, and pH.

In addition to the retrofit, the system is paired with “AQUAVISTA™ Assist,” an advanced service offering that allows Veolia's experts to remotely access the system in real-time and support the client’s onsite wastewater operations staff, while continually optimizing the system’s functionality. 


The Results

The retrofit was commissioned in December 2018 and has been operating efficiently to ensure that the wastewater’s pH is within appropriate limits prior to being discharged to the municipal sewer system.

With the AQUAVISTA™ Assist service agreement, the system is remotely monitored by process engineers to ensure it is operating as expected. This will allows the client to focus less on wastewater management and more on their core business.

Key Project Info 

Project Location:

•Ontario, Canada

Facility Information:

•Beverage filling operation
•3 production lines

Production Output:

•1,000 cans / minute

Wastewater characteristics

•200 m3 / day
•Wide pH range (3 to 12.5)
•High concentration of fat, oil, grease (FOG)
•Temp: 10° - 85° C (50° - 185° F)

Key Services