Drinking Water

Serving communities around the world by providing technologies that create safe and clean drinking water

Veolia Water Technologies is a world leader in drinking water solutions. Our know-how guarantees a safe supply of quality water with a low environmental impact.

We provide all technologies and services for the day-to-day operation of water treatment facilities. Additionally, we have the expertise to design and implement custom-tailored systems to treat the most challenging drinking water systems.

Key Areas of Drinking Water Treatment where Veolia Can Support You

  1. High-Rate Clarification: Microsand ballasted clarification process combines two proven principles of rapid particle settling: microsand enhanced ballasted flocculation and microsand enhanced clarification. Physical-chemical separation combined with a ballasted clarifier results in a high rate clarification process that affords a small footprint and is the market leader in both drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment applications.
  2. Softening: Water softening systems reduce water hardness to prevent scale build up, clogging and expense and provide softened water for all applications.
  3. Filtration: Veolia's Hydrotech Filtration Systems lead the market with proven experience of over 10,000 units sold worldwide. Hydrotech filters are ideal for tertiary filtration, primary treatment, phosphorus removal, and for existing filter replacement such as traveling bridge filter retrofit projects. 
  4. Disinfection: Removing harmful pathogens to ensure safe-to-drink (potable) water.
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Ballasted sedimentation and rapid clarification with the adsorption capacities of PAC for municipalities.
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