Evaporation & Crystallization

The global leader in large-scale, highly integrated process solutions utilizing evaporation and crystallization technology. 

    Our focus is the development of unique process designs and technology for our industrial clients in a broad range of markets.

    Veolia has developed a complete range of efficient and fully integrated evaporation and crystallization systems for the production of premium chemical products, recovery of valuable by-products, and recycle and reuse of wastewater for a diverse group of customers and industries worldwide.

    Evaporation & Crystallization Technologies

    Veolia offers several options in designing the optimal system to achieve each unique customer requirement for achieving zero discharge or waste reduction objectives, including recovered water quality, energy consumption, minimization of capital and operating costs, and ease of operation. HPD® Evaporation and Crystallization system capacities range from around 10 gpm to greater than 1500 gpm per unit.

    Falling film evaporators, sometimes called brine concentrators, are an excellent technology for efficient heat transfer, producing high-purity distillate, and achieving water recovery greater than 90%. Recovered water in a brine concentrator is suitable as cooling tower or scrubber makeup, and can be recycled to other plant processes, including demineralized feedwater. These wastewater evaporators can be driven by mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) or with live steam depending on the relative costs of electric power and steam.

    Crystallizers are designed to handle continuous crystallization of the various dissolved salts, which sometimes can be recovered as valuable by-products. Wastewater crystallizers are used to concentrate the effluent from brine concentrators, and when equipped with solids dewatering, comprise a true zero liquid discharge system. These brine crystallizers typically are driven by live steam but in some cases can use MVR technology to recycle the vapor to reduce energy usage and operating costs.

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    What is evaporation?

    Evaporation is the passage from the liquid to the gaseous state that only impacts the surface of the liquid. On the other end, if boiling temperature (different for each specific liquid and pressure connected) is exceeded, the constancy of the temperature and pressure parameters let the boiling process happen. Both processes fall under the name of vaporization.

    Industrial wastewater evaporation is a process of removing water from water-based wastes. Simply speaking, the evaporator converts the water portion of water-based wastes to water vapor, while leaving the higher boiling contaminants behind.


    What is crystallization?

    Crystallization is the solidification of atoms or molecules into a highly structured form called a crystal.