Pretreatment Applications

Highly efficient and versatile coarse and fine screening 

Our John Meunier products line ensures efficient removal of algae, leaves, sand, rocks and other debris and particles. We design, manufacture and service wastewater treatment plants since 1948, offering complete solutions with a wide range of highly efficient screening and grit removal equipment.

With more than 1500 units installed across North America, we have solutions to all your pretreatment needs.

Screenings Removal

Our screenings removal products help you increase process treatment results, reduce operating costs and protect process treatment equipment.

Coarse Screens

Fine Screens

Grit Removal

Grit is a source of problems in wastewater treatment facilities.  Veolia offers a fully integrated, highly efficient, grit removal system that operates based on the following grit removal process: grit capture, grit extraction, grit concentration and grit washing and dewatering.

Solids Handling

Highly versatile devices that can provide conveyance, dewatering and compaction of solids retained from wastewater, stormwater or potable water flow stream applications.

Packaged Applications

Combined treatment systems providing screening, grit removal and Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) removal. Their versatility allows them to be used successfully in small wastewater treatment works for Municipal, Industrial and septage receiving applications.

  • Pretreatment Combined System - SEPRAPAC® type PCS.
  • Septage Combined System - SEPRAPAC® type SRS/SCS.


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