Veolia Water Technologies is committed to the automotive sector

Veolia Water Technologies contributes to the sustainable development of car manufacturers. Our mastery of the water cycle positions us as a major partner to many business within the sector. With strong water expertise, Veolia Water Technologies is an integral component of all important production stages. We’re able to provide quality water and treat all known pollutants to ensure profitability and compliance for customers.

Veolia Water Technologies, the automotive specialist 

Motor vehicle construction requires large amounts of water at many stages of production. This includes water needed as rinsing water – used for surface treatments or for the degreasing of the car’s body or mechanical parts.

The automotive industry generates a lot of wastewater, and Veolia Water Technologies can share its knowledge of the many different industrial applications. Our technologies for water softening, microfiltration, reverse osmosis and electro-deionisation are among the most efficient on the market and guarantee the purity of the water in use.

Water quality is a major need for the automotive industry. This is why Veolia Water Technologies, recognised for its global expertise, is among the partners of the largest groups. Our customers include world-renowned manufacturers such as PSA, Volvo and Renault.

Concerned with preserving water on a global and local scale, Veolia Water Technologies is developing technologies to optimise its use. We have a wide range of tools, specially adapted to the needs of manufacturers, that can help reduce the maximum amount of waste. Our continuous innovation generates productivity and profitability gains while reducing any negative environmental impacts.

Veolia receives accolades from manufacturer PSA

The Veolia Group and Veolia Water Technologies manage six main sites and 19 other sites for the PSA automobile group. Veolia was awarded the Industrial Equipment and Services Performance trophy in 2017. Veolia Water Technologies is responsible for water treatment at all of these sites, helping reduce the environmental footprint of the manufacturer. 

We produce, process and value water in the automotive sector

The automotive industry is subject to strict regulations. Businesses are required to combine stringent health and safety procedures with profitability requirements in a highly competitive environment. Veolia Water Technologies, the world leader in this field, draws on its expertise to help customers combine these two principles.

Our action takes place in three stages and supports all stages of the water cycle from production to reuse and treatment.


  • We produce quality water for surface treatment.
  • We treat wastewater appropriately and specifically for the needs of the automotive industry.
  • We find value in used sludge through special treatments.

Veolia Water Technologies cuts 70% of Renault's water needs

The Veolia group worked alongside manufacturer Renault to create sustainable automotive facilities in Morocco. These facilities are among the most modern on the planet, particularly when looking at how they use water. With Zero liquid rejection technologies in place, developed by Veolia Water Technologies' subsidiaries, the site does not produce any industrial liquid discharge. This efficient reuse of water reduces the overall water needs of the facility by 70% , a major ecological breakthrough.

Our water treatment solutions for the automotive industry

Veolia Water Technologies provides innovative solutions and a portfolio of technologies to meet the needs of the automotive industry. Our facilities produce demineralized water and treat polluting effluents using membrane processes for water treatment. Our customers are particularly concerned with the quality of water treatment processes and safe hygiene practices.

  • Veolia Water Technologies offers facilities that produce demineralized and process water. These facilities can be permanent or temporary, providing relief in urgent situations. Our know-how guarantees innovative solutions perfectly adapted to the exacting specifications of our customers.
  • Veolia Water Technologies processes oily emulsions and coating fluids from machines using our evapo-concentration technologies and membrane processes for water treatment.
  • Veolia Water Technologies purifies all polluting effluents from surface treatment and recycling workshops. We aim for zero liquid discharge (ZLD), and have proven the viability of this on several partner sites.
  • Veolia Water Technologies is drawing up design and construction contracts for the facilities of the future.

ZLD objective: Zero liquid release

Veolia Water Technologies manages and develops a zero liquid rejection approach. By implementing a global approach to the production circuit, we can optimally control water consumption and keep the water cycle at the heart of this industrial process. This provides surety of production while limiting water needs. Efficient and inexpensive, ZLD is a defining technology when looking to meet strict environmental standards.

A world leader in water treatment technologies, Veolia Water Technologies is a recognised partner of major international car manufacturers. Our complete control of the water cycle guarantees customers significant profitability as well as compliance with increasingly stringent environmental standards.