Veolia sets bold growth goals in the United States, boosting its ecological solutions to improve economic growth and public health for Americans

Veolia targets major expansion in the U.S. environmental market with strong ambitions in line with GreenUP plan

  • Veolia has already achieved 2.6 times growth between 2019 and 2023 in the U.S., to reach 5.4 billion in sales by 2023.

  • Veolia aims to increase its revenue by 50% by 2027 & double in size by 2030

  • Value creation ~+ 200bps in ROCE by 2027

  • Decarbonization: 600K tons CO2e of erased emissions (Scope 4)

  • Regeneration: 120M m3 of water saved

  • Depollution: 2M tons of hazardous waste treated 

On the occasion of its Deep Dive US conference in New York, Veolia today unveiled bold growth ambitions in the booming U.S environmental services market, building on its unique experience and capabilities to expand its business in a country which represents around 25% of the world’s market. The strong growth in demand is due to industrial relocation, water shortages and pollution problems, as well as public health issues. It is supported by ambitious regulation and investment policies.

The Group is the top-ranked environmental company in the United States for three consecutive years1, and the country’s largest private water operator and technology provider as well as hazardous waste and pollution treatment leader. It is uniquely positioned in the American market with a leadership role in improving water quality and mitigating hazardous waste.

Between 2019 and 2023, Veolia benefited from dramatic growth (x2.6 revenues) with an increased demand for its services due to the acceleration of climate change and regulatory changes. With $5.4 billion in sales in 2023, representing 11% of the Group's total revenues ($49 billion) and 12,000 employees, Veolia plans to further expand its footprint in the U.S.

Veolia is committed to continue supporting the U.S. sustainable growth and contribute to public health protection. The Group is engaging on high-impact objectives: by 2027 Veolia aims to grow its revenue by 50% and double in size by 2030.

"Today, the United States is one of the fastest-growing markets for environmental services. Industrial reshoring, water scarcity, public health - all these priorities are driving growth in demand. As a long-standing player and world leader in ecological transformation, Veolia is committed to contribute its know-how and expertise to serve the needs of American customers in solving these problems," said Estelle Brachlianoff, CEO of Veolia. "Through its positioning and mix of activities, Veolia is able to bring environmental solutions to improve economic growth and public health in America and we are setting ambitious goals to expand and strengthen our positive impact”.


  • Erase 600kt of CO2 from the atmosphere by 2027 through our comprehensive efforts to help clients run more sustainable and efficient operations by producing local renewable energy, and delivering energy efficiency solutions and resource regeneration solutions helping to offset and avoid emissions.


  • Save 120M m3 of water by 2027 (equivalent to San Francisco's annual water consumption) thanks to its worldwide expertise in water services and its know-how in the reuse of treated wastewater.
  • In a context of reshoring and industry growth, population growth in water scarce areas, water quality awareness (PFAS, new pollutants, etc.) key environmental services needed: water recycling, water distribution network leakage reduction, water supply to cities and industries, water quality etc. Access to water is therefore essential to sustain growth, with the market estimated at $34 billion a year by 2027.
  • As the first US leader in water operations & maintenance and the third leader in regulated water with 200 water & wastewater facilities operated, Veolia serves more than 1 in 13 people in America (27M people) and it is the only private company able to provide all contract services.

Water quality and public health

  • Remain at the forefront of the fight against PFAS in drinking water and across the value chain dedicating its technical expertise and research and development resources to help tackle this emerging pollution.
  • PFAS mitigation is one of the top public health priorities in the United States, with increasing regulations and an estimated $200 billion decontamination market. Our customers - local authorities and industry - need help to ensure the safety of drinking water, the removal of pollutants from wastewater, and the remediation of sites such as airports, airbases and chemical PFAS production sites. These challenges call for treatment know-how tailored to local needs, including membrane filtration and hazardous waste treatment.
  • Veolia already has extensive experience in the fight against PFAS throughout the world, and in the United States in particular, with 30 PFAS treatment projects in drinking water already underway and 50 more in the pipeline.


  • With the ambition of 2M tons of hazardous waste treated by 2027, Veolia aims to strengthen its position as leader in hazardous waste treatment in the United States. Veolia plays an essential role for many American industries: ability to help customers to be compliant with evolving regulations. It is a key market differentiator in a fast-growing market thanks to $2 billion in public funding for infrastructure, manufacturing reshoring and competitiveness in the U.S. Accessible hazardous waste market expected to grow to $11B in 2027 (5% CAGR) with 8M tons of hazardous waste per year.


Veolia Group aims to become the benchmark company for ecological transformation. Present on five continents with nearly 213,000 employees, the Group designs and deploys useful, practical solutions for the management of water, waste and energy that are contributing to a radical turnaround of the current situation. Through its three complementary activities, Veolia helps to develop access to resources, to preserve available resources and to renew them. In 2022, the Veolia group provided 111 million inhabitants with drinking water and 97 million with sanitation, produced nearly 44 million megawatt hours and recovered 61 million tonnes of waste. Veolia Environnement (Paris Euronext: VIE) achieved consolidated revenue of 42.885 billion euros in 2022.