Actina™ Pack

Veolia has developed ACTINA™ PACK, a compact unit for pellet softening dedicated to potable water treatment and process water production.


Flow rates: 50 to 150 m3/h per unit.
3 models: 50/100/150



  • Hardness removal in drinking water and process water production
  • Avoid scaling of boilers, hot water circuits and drinking water pipes
  • Prevent oversizing of demineralization plants


Actina™ Pack Benefits

  • Removal of calcium hardness
  • Calcium carbonate removed occurs as beads of a few millimeters in diameter, easily storable, transportable and recoverable
  • French ACS certification
  • Flexible: can treat different flows rate
  • Innovative reagent injection nozzles
  • Treated water hardness <150 mg of CaCO3
  • Compact unit, transportable by truck


Related Services

  • Short lead-time, quick installation and commissioning
  • Local after-sales service for preventative and corrective maintenance program
  • Tailor-made design according to project