Sirion™ is a family of reverse osmosis (RO) systems that produce high purity water, removing up to 98% of dissolved inorganics and over 99% of large dissolved organics, colloids and particles. RO is efficient for low or high concentrations of salts and can thus be used to treat brackish water as well as seawater.

High flux and low energy reverse osmosis for process water.


The RO process featured in the Sirion units uses membranes to remove over 95% of dissolved salts, such as calcium bicarbonate and sodium chloride, from water. 

This system can be used either alone or in combination with other water treatment processes such as such conventional pretreatment followed by pressure filters or ultrafiltration upstream in order to reduce the total amount of suspended solids (TSS), or ion exchange or electrodeionization in a variety of applications to further reduce the total amount of dissolved solids (TDS) in water. The RO membrane also acts as a very fine filter removing 99% of suspended and colloidal solids, bacteria and organic molecules with molecular weights in excess of about 200Da. 

Sirion’s RO system uses high-performing membranes, making the process particularly attractive for applications where treated water not only has to be low in TDS but also of high clarity and free from bacteria, such as that used for soft drinks and pharmaceuticals manufacturing.

How Sirion works

Reverse osmosis applies high pressure to salty water forcing it through a membrane. Under this process, water molecules pass through the membrane but not salts, thereby producing high fresh water quality.

SIRION™ Basic (5000-20000 series)

Our water treatment units in the Sirion range are manufactured with the best materials and in compliance with all the quality standards required when producing process water. These systems can be installed quickly thanks to their compact skid design.

A Clean In Place Reverse Osmosis (CIP RO) station can also be optionally added to our Sirion products to remove salt deposits and prevent fouled or scaled RO membranes, for continued system performance. CIP RO is compatible with Sirion Advanced, Pro, and Mega.

Features and benefits

Compact and skid-mounted system.

Production flow rates from 10 l/h to 132 m3/h.

Digital picto

Monitoring and control done locally with modern touch screen HMI or remotely with Hubgrade digital services

Modular in design, can easily be integrated into existing plants.

Low cost and maintenance

Up to 50% savings on electrical power compared to conventional systems


High quality water systems for production, process and manufacturing uses.
Technologies for optimising boiler feed water and cooling tower feed to minimise chemical usage.
Water and distribution systems that produce ultra high-purity laboratory water for use in research and clinical diagnosis


We offer a complete range of services and support teams providing preventive and corrective maintenance programs for the efficient and long-term operation of installed plants. By optimizing both processes and monitoring, we help you reduce your water footprint while generating considerable savings in energy and chemical consumption. We also store a wide variety of spare parts and consumables (Veolia labelled membranes and cartridge filters) and deliver them to your doorstep through our robust supply chain. 

Bundling high performance specialty chemicals, innovative dosing and controlling equipment with related expert support.
Rental assets to support and assist your site operations for temporary and longer-term water treatment needs 24/7.
A combination of digital tools and Veolia expertise that make all your water processes smarter, safer and more sustainable.


The Sirion product range fulfills the need of our customers for completely pre-packaged “plug and play” reverse osmosis systems, from small laboratory to high process and utility production capacities. Set-points in the HMI allow adaptation of the process parameters to handle a wide range of feed water qualities, from low salinity and low fouling source waters to more challenging effluent reuse applications. Combined with the Hubgrade digital service offer, it delivers unparalleled operational and environmental efficiency.


Robert Koch

Manager Industrial Applications



FAQ about Sirion™

What is reverse osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a water purification process that removes contaminants from the feed water. During the process, the water molecules are pushed through a semi-permeable membrane under pressure, which helps filter out impurities to leave clean, safe water. Reverse osmosis process is able to remove up to 99% of dissolved salts, particles, colloids, organics, bacteria, etc from the feed water.

How are Sirion units different from other RO products?

The Sirion family is integrated by a wide range of robust, fully standardized units, covering different sizes and flow rates. All units are equipped with advanced controllers, either microprocessors or PLC. Units from the Sirion Advanced and Mega ranges are Hubgrade-enabled which allows them to access a wide variety of digital services offered by Veolia Water Technologies.

What are the benefits of using reverse osmosis technology?

Reverse osmosis technology offers numerous benefits for industrial water treatment applications. It is highly effective at removing impurities and contaminants, including dissolved solids, minerals, heavy metals, and organic matter, resulting in clean, safe water that is free from harmful substances. Reverse osmosis systems are also easy to maintain, require minimal energy to operate, and can produce high volumes of purified water quickly and efficiently.

How can I choose the right reverse osmosis system for my needs?

Choosing the right reverse osmosis system depends on a variety of factors, including the volume of water you need to treat, the specific contaminants you want to remove, and your budget. At Veolia Water Technologies, we offer a range of reverse osmosis products to meet your needs, from compact systems to large-scale industrial systems for commercial applications. Our experienced team can help you select the right system for your specific requirements and provide ongoing support to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.