eXeno™ - Micropollutant removal

Environmentally friendly biological removal of micropollutants in wastewater.

eXeno™ removes drug residuals and other complex compounds from wastewater using an effective, economical and environmentally friendly MBBR technology.

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Micropollutants – an environmental & health issue

Micropollutants are difficult to degrade compounds in municipal or industrial wastewater stemming from pharmaceuticals, x-ray contrast agents, cosmetics, household chemicals, biocides, pesticides, and industrial chemicals.

Even at low concentrations (ng-µg/l) these residues can be toxic for aquatic organisms. They also pose risks for our water supply, for example spreading antibiotic resistant genes into the environment. Due to their persistent nature these residues accumulate over time if not properly treated.

Conventional wastewater treatment plants are not designed to specifically remove micropollutants from wastewater. Additional treatment is required which typically uses strong oxidising agents such as ozone or adsorption through activated carbon. But there is a more sustainable way to tackle this challenge.

Intelligent bacteria to remove micropollutants

Our patented eXeno™ technology uses specialised microorganisms to biologically degrade micropollutants with less or no chemical dosing and low energy consumption.



eXeno™ benefits

  • Effective
    High removal (50-80%) of difficult degradable pharmaceuticals 
  • Economical
    Reduced energy and chemical consumption using  more bacteria and less ozone and/or activated carbon
  • Environmentally friendly
    Avoiding the release of by-products
  • Proven
    30+ years of experience with >25 references in the pharmaceutical industry and two projects in the emerging municipal market

The eXeno™ process: biological treatment of pharmaceuticals & co.

eXeno™ is an MBBR technology that typically consists of multiple bioreactors in series. Each reactor contains a moving bed of specialised bacteria growing on plastic carriers that target the wide variety of complex compounds. In the first stages, more easily degradable compounds are removed while the more difficult compounds are removed in the succeeding reactors.

eXeno micropollutant removal process

MBBR technology enables the development of biomass with significantly longer sludge retention times compared to conventional systems. This encourages the development of slower growing organisms capable of removing difficult pharmaceuticals and other micopollutants. 

eXeno™ solutions range from complete treatment including carbon and nitrogen removal of pharmaceutical/industrial wastewater and hospital wastewater to tertiary solutions for municipal applications. 


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eXeno™ is a proven micropollutants solutions for wastewater streams in many sectors:

Optimized management of effluents and wastewater
Technologies, services and process expertise to meet environmental requirements, remove contaminants and transform wastewater into a resource.


We provide a wide range of services to existing facilities including technical support, pre-planned preventive maintenance, spare parts, etc.

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