Polymer Make-up Systems

Our systems are designed to activate polymers efficiently, simplify operator maintenance and reduce chemical consumption. Each system is pre-tested in our shop to guarantee the quality of each delivery.


Dry Polymer Make-Up Systems – HYDRAPOL

HydraPol polymer preparation and dosing systems are designed to prepare and activate dry polymers. The dry polymer is introduced into the wetting system via our accurate volumetric dosing device in order to guarantee a controlled powder injection and a stable concentration.The four-zone wetting system ensures complete pre-wetting of the polymer prior to entry into the maturation tank. The maturation and storage tanks are stacked on each other to reduce the footprint.



Neat Polymer Activation and Injection Systems – HYDRAPOL-N

HydraPol-N polymer activation and injection systems are designed to prepare and activate emulsion polymers. The emulsion polymer is introduced into the wetting system via a metering pump.The wetting system, with multiple energy transition zones, ensures complete activation of the emulsion polymer. Depending on the type of application, the systems may be designed to directly inject the polymer solution into the process or injected into maturation tanks to reduce polymer consumption.



Real Time Polymer Activation Monitoring System – HYDRASTAT

HydraStat's real-time polymer activation measurement system optimizes polymer mixing time, activation and consumption. It also reduces process interruptions and notifies the operator when a potential problem arises.