A specialist in water treatment for energy production
Gas, oil, nuclear energy, coal-fired power plants ... Regardless of the technology involved, energy production requires large amounts of freshwater. That water must be thoroughly pre-treated before being integrated into the industrial process. Veolia Water Technologies supports hundreds of energy production sites every day.    


 Whether it is for biogas production, electricity generation, or the oil industry, energy and water technologies share a constant relationship. According to a study published by the International Energy Agency, freshwater resources needed to cover global energy needs are expected to double between 2015 and 2035.

For major energy groups, issues such as:

Energy transition;
Taking the water cycle into account; and
The safety of the industrial water supply;
will thus become central and unavoidable, if they were not already.
Among the factors that will have a strong impact on water are the foreseeable increase in the use of agrofuels – which are highly dependent on irrigation – and the strong resurgence of coal power plants in many countries. These reasons are of major significance and are being amplified due to political issues surrounding nuclear power as well as insufficient outputs from renewable energies (wind, solar, etc).

Veolia Water Technologies: partner of energy producers

Present for more than forty years on all continents, all of the players in the energy sector benefit from the expertise of the Veolia Group in managing water treatment technologies. Our teams provide:

  • engineering;
  • installation;
  • maintenance services for the latest equipment; and
  • management of the entire water cycle from process water supply and distribution to wastewater treatment.

Incorporating a circular water economy helps energy professionals make substantial water consumption savings. This is achieved by recycling and reusing the resource, thereby providing enhanced guarantees with regard to respecting the environment. 

Mobile water treatment systems delivered to your site, whenever you need them.

Veolia Water Technologies already has several hundred references on the energy production market. Our patented devices simultaneously ensure:    


  • Overall performance for the system (consumption, wastage and resource purity), 
  • Streamlined costs for our customers (through flexible, tailor-made solutions),
  • Absolute safety for users and workers,
  • Adherence with local standards for environmental friendliness.


A holistic approach to the energy production process

Water treatment solutions developed by Veolia Water Technologies enable energy groups to rely on a single specialist contact for all water-related issues. The systems include all necessary trades for producing energy, including:

  • Pre-treatment and verification of water purity (e.g. via filtering systems);
  • Supplying process water to boilers (with preheating possible);
  • Condensate polishing through processes such as screening and sieving, or using chemical reagents;
  • Providing a secondary water supply for a cooling tower;
  • Treating and removing certain harmful and toxic effluents (and in some cases even recovering and valorising them); and
  • Providing a water recycling system for reusing or discharging the water without endangering the environment.

Temporary water treatment services    

Veolia Water Technologies is a reference partner for public authorities around the world during serious natural or technological crises. Teams of emergency engineers can be deployed in the field. They can:

  • Install and implement temporary water treatment devices;
  • Provide a drinking water supply; and
  • Restart the energy production plant as quickly as possible.

For optimum energy efficiency, water treatment must comply with precise specifications from pre-treatment right through to recycling. Trust Veolia Water Technologies for tailor-made solutions adapted to the specific needs of your energy production sites with constant concern for the environment.