Hydrex™ Odor Control

Hydrex™ Sulfide Elimination System (HSES) for Both Vapor & Liquid Phases
Hydrex Sulfide Elmination System

Efficient Sulfide Treatment Solutions for Municipal and Industrial Facilities

Veolia Water Technologies is able to utilize a combination of chemistry and equipment technologies to mitigate the risks associated with high levels of H2S at your facility. Our solution doesn't mask the problem, it proactively works to eliminate it.


Safe and Efficient Odor Control Program

Where Chemical Expertise, Impeccable Service, and Quality Chemical Technologies Meet

The generation of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), a byproduct of sulfate-reducing bacteria in wastewater systems, poses both health & safety as well as operational threats for industrial and municipal operators of these plants.

Hydrogen sulfide is treated in both liquid and vapor phase to reduce these compounds, making working conditions safer, and reducing corrosion rates to extend the life of the wastewater systems.

Versatile Treatment Options

Veolia’s Hydrex™ Sulfide Elimination System offers clients several treatment options that are non-hazardous, pH neutral, and biodegradable. The Veolia treatments provide a non-toxic, environmentally friendly alternative chemistry option to other approaches and are extremely effective in both the vapor and liquid phases.

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Several strategies and technologies are available to treat odor caused by hydrogen sulfide, but selecting the best application can be challenging. Join us at this webinar to better understand the risks and solutions related to controlling sulfide-based odors.

Hydrex™ Odor Control Program Benefits

  • Green chemistry, Safe &Non-Hazardous
  • Lowers Overall Chemical demand/cost
  • Reduces Chemical Deliveries
  • Lowers Total Operating Cost
  • Fast and Effective Removal of H2S
  • Broad Applicability

How the Hydrex™Sulfide Elimination System Works

This two-step process uses environmentally sustainable and biodegradable chemistries for efficient sulfide removal.

A. The Reduction Step

At a molecular level, the reagent removes electrons from the sulfide molecule, converting the sulfide into inert and safe elemental sulfur that cannot reform into sulfide. 

B. The Oxidation Step

The reagent then reacts to an oxidant which converts it back to its original form, ready to attack and reduce another sulfide molecule.

This process continually works to enable the rapid and efficient destruction of sulfide until H2S levels have been reduced to an acceptable level.

Contact Information for the Hydrex Sulfide Elimination System

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Hydrex™ Sulfide Elimination System - Liquid Treatment Program

  • Highly effective treatment of sulfides in water to eliminate odors and corrosion
  • Regenerative chemistries result in a longer, robust treating cycle
  • Infinitely scalable GPM’s to MGD’s
  • Closed or open systems
Hydrex Sulfide Elimination System-Liquid

Liquid Phase Hydrex SES

Where the Hydrex™ Sulfide Elimination System Can be Implemented:

Wastewater Treatment Plants
Wastewater Collection / Lift Stations
Pond Remediation
Industrial Processes
Produced Water
Produced Water Treating/Reuse
Sour Process Water/Conversion
Sour Ground Water
Sour Ground Water
Landfill Leachate

Hydrex™ Sulfide Elimination System - Vapor Treatment Program

  • Treat aerobically to eliminate odors
  • Repurpose existing wet scrubbers with Hydrex– 60 to 90 day lifecycle
  • Reduce expenses and HSE liabilities
  • Valkyrie Next Gen Scrubber sized to meet specific need

Next Gen Aerobic Scrubber

Business case
Hydrex™ Sulfide Elimination System (HSES) helps a Midwestern Ethanol Producer solve downstream corrosion issues
Business case
Odor issues at a Central Ohio wastewater treatment plant clarification system resolved