HPD® Evaporation & Crystallization

Large-scale, highly-integrated process solutions utilizing evaporation and crystallization

HPD® evaporation and crystallization technology helps clients meet their fiscal, production and environmental objectives by providing systems that recover valuable products and by-products, reuse/recycle valuable water resources, and reduce effluent volume through unique evaporation and crystallization process design and technology.


Veolia has the largest number of successful installations and experience across the widest range of applications for industrial large-scale evaporation and crystallization equipment. 

This includes treatment of wastewater for zero liquid discharge (ZLD) as well as industrial crystallization for production of premium crystalline chemicals.
More than 1,000 installations in over 30 countries with evaporation and crystallization systems providing critical industrial process that:

  • Produce pure products from natural deposits.
  • Recover by-products from waste streams.
  • Concentrate dilute streams.
  • Reduce volume and recover water for environmental benefits.


Based on the specific application, Veolia offers several equipment technologies for evaporation that include:

  • Falling film.
  • Natural circulation.
  • Rising film.
  • Forced circulation.
  • Enhanced Forced Circulation (turbulence enhancers for highly viscous feed).
  • Potential evaporator configurations include:
  • Mechanical vapor recompression (MVR)
  • Multiple-effect evaporation (MEE)
  • Multi-stage flash (MSF)
  • Thermal vapor recompression (TVR)


Veolia offers a full range of crystallizers to suit the requirements of industry including: 

  • HPD Growth™ crystallizer.
  • Forced circulation crystallization (mixed salt).
  • MBD™ (Modular Bulldozer Design) System – modular forced circulation crystallizer.
  • PIC™ (draft tube baffle/ DTB) crystallizer.
  • MSMPR (mixed suspension, mixed particle removal).
  • Falling film crystallizers.


Features and benefits

  • A world-class, 50,000+ square-feet research facility is dedicated to support new process development for Veolia’s HPD Evaporation and Crystallization Technologies.
  • Process engineering team with decades of experience in new process development.
  • Permitting and scope development.
  • Turnkey project execution.
  • Aftermarket and field service support.


Technologies for safe, environmentally compliant wastewater treatment systems and sewage treatment plant operations.
Total water management solutions for process and wastewater recovery and recycling.