Oxidation Ditch Technologies Double Ditch / Triple Ditch

Kruger, subsidiary of Veolia Water Technologies, is a leading supplier of Oxidation Ditch technologies and offers some of the most advanced treatment processes on the market today.


Double Ditch (D-Ditch)

Kruger's Double Ditch (D-Ditch) produces exceptional effluent quality of BOD and TSS less than 10 mg/L and NH₃-N less than 1 mg/L without the use of secondary settling tanks. Utilizing Kruger's PID technology, the D-Ditch mode of operation alternates between aerobic (nitrification) and settling phases. The D-Ditch is easily expanded and upgraded for increased nitrogen removal and capacity by either adding another ditch and operating as a Triple Ditch or adding secondary clarifiers and operating as a BIO-DENITRO™ process.


Triple Ditch (T-Ditch)

As an extension of the D-Ditch process, Kruger's Triple Ditch (T-Ditch) PID technology achieves nitrogen removal without the use of internal recycle streams or external clarifiers. The T-Ditch process operates by alternating aerobic (nitrification) and settling phases to achieve an effluent NH₃-N less than 1 mg/L. For achieving an effluent total nitrogen (TN) 7 mg/L or less, the T-Ditch alternates between aerobic (nitrification), anoxic (denitrification) and settling phases. The T-Ditch process is expanded easily and cost effectively by adding external clarifiers.